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10/31/19 China's precarious future
10/31/19 In baseball, the most valuable rules are unwritten
10/26/19 America's current political moment might be so bad that it becomes good
10/24/19 Elizabeth Warren won't pull swing voters away from Trump
10/19/19 'Texodus' bodes badly for Republicans
10/17/19 Progressives are all too willing to cut constitutional corners
10/12/19 The spiraling president adds self-impeachment to his repertoire
10/09/19 Tinkering with college diversity presents a tangled web
10/05/19 It's not the Supreme Court's job to say whether 'sex' includes sexual preference
10/03/19 South Koreans worry about the North. But it's Japan that inflames their emotions
09/28/19 The best antidote for a bad election is a better election
09/26/19 Time is on Taiwan's side, as long as the U.S. is, too
09/21/19 What Hong Kong's resistance means for Taiwan
09/19/19 When leaderlessness is a strength: Welcome to Cold War 2.0
09/14/19 Hong Kong is a 'hair's breadth from destruction'
09/12/19 Hong Kong's heroic dissent might be the decade's most important development
08/31/19 An all-too-real parable of 'privilege-hoarding'
08/28/19 Hey, Dems: The electoral college is here to stay
08/26/19 Trump's trade war shows the reality of 'America First' in action
08/22/19 A dark account of how unrestricted power can turn men to beasts
08/17/19 Voters don't have to settle for a binary choice. Look at Justin Amash
08/15/19 Surely Chicago has bigger things to worry about than a cupcake truck
08/10/19 'National conservatism' is 'Elizabeth Warren conservatism'
08/08/19 Is the individual obsolete?
08/06/19 Trump doesn't just pollute the social environment. He is the environment
08/05/19 Dems: Let the winnowing commence
08/01/19 Are some of these Dem candidates trying to lose?
07/27/19 Answer these, candidates
07/24/19 The repeal of the 'Cadillac tax' showed a hazard of bipartisanship
07/22/19 The puzzling problem of vaping
07/18/19 Apollo 11's achievement still dazzles
07/13/19 Michael Bennet might be the Dems' best chance to beat Trump
07/11/19 An American Communist who paid too high a price
07/06/19 How can the presidential candidates be so silly?
07/04/19 To construe the Constitution, look to the Declaration
07/01/19 Last century's immigration debate makes today's seem enlightened
06/27/19 The Supreme Court should adhere to precedent --- unless it's bad precedent
06/22/19 Bernie Sanders is FDR's unimaginative echo
06/20/19 Following mob mentality against a bakery led to an $11 million libel case
06/15/19 Dems' progressive lions must lay down with party's moderate lambs
06/13/19 Scarcities are recyclable excuses for expanding government
06/08/19 The SAT's new 'adversity index' is another step down the path of identity politics
06/06/19 Our nation was not made by flimsy people
06/01/19 Senate Republicans are terrified of the president
05/30/19 The vast incoherence of President Tariff Man
05/25/19 Obama, Congress -- and, yes, Trump -- will all be to blame for what happens with Iran
05/23/19 Dems need to sharpen their knives
05/18/19 James Blaine paid a steep price for his bigotry, but children shouldn't have to
05/16/19 On this policy, Republicans are socialists. They just don't want you to know
05/11/19 The danger of dabbling in protectionism
05/09/19 'Democracy dollars' to voters?
05/04/19'Heartbeat bills' are wholesome provocations in the abortion debate
05/07/19 When this wise man speaks about power, Congress should listen
04/27/19 Biden might be the restful candidate voters devoutly desire
04/25/19 America is borrowing from the future. It's decadent
04/21/19 Wilbur Ross acted wretchedly. But his census decision may be legal.
04/18/19 Concerned that government is rigged in favor of the rich? End this tax credit
04/13/19 The Dems' sweepstakes of frivolity
04/11/19 The Cain and Moore nominations are two more tests for Republicans to fail
04/06/19 This 99-year-old federal law is stifling jobs and shifting higher costs to consumers
04/04/19 College basketball's murky swamp of misbehavior
03/28/19 Step into the batter's box for some baseball trivia
03/25/19 Mueller's report makes a normal election possible in 2020
03/23/19 The Supreme Court must steer clear of gerrymandering cases
03/20/19 This romp of a novel will have you pining for the days of George W. Bush
03/16/19 Worse living through chemistry
03/14/19 Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in U.S. history?
03/09/19 The Dems' late-night pitch for 2020
03/07/19 Will the Dem push for reparations benefit Trump?
03/02/19 Dems are having an awful week --- and Howard Schultz is having a good one
02/28/19 The High Court's opinion was right on this case. But the concurrence was even righter, still
02/23/19 The Supreme Court has a chance to clear up decades of confusion
02/21/19 Trump is trashing the Constitution. This governor shows how Republicans should respond
02/16/19 It's common to praise socialism. It's rarer to define it
02/14/19 Reality continues to leak from American life
02/09/19 What's next, a tariff on peanut butter?
02/07/19 How a tractor driver from Iowa can claw back the Senate's power
02/02/19 Only Dems can save this president
01/31/19 Amy Klobuchar may be best equipped to send the president packing
01/26/19 Dems have found their Thatcher --- if they dare
01/24/19 Why do people such as Lindsey Graham come to Congress?
01/19/19 The shabbiest U.S. president ever is an inexpressibly sad specimen
01/17/19 Britain, into chaos leaping?
01/12/19 Brexit shows how direct democracy can be dangerous
01/10/19 Alternative for Germany is a Rorschach test for anyone watching the country
01/05/19 Today's Germany is the best Germany the world has seen
01/03/19 Republicans should be alarmed by this sign of intelligent life in the Democratic Party
12/15/18 Some senators are aiming to claw back trade power from Trump
12/13/18 This candidate may be the optimum challenger to Trump in 2020
12/08/18 The ignored story of 'America's biggest serial killer'
12/06/18 The Supreme Court jumps to unanimity on frog case
12/01/18 Summoned by events: The extraordinary life and times of George H.W. Bush
11/29/18 Republicans should study Colorado's change in tint, from purple to blue
11/25/18 Be thankful that America is so darned entertaining
11/22/18 Lucrative law enforcement will become lawless
11/17/18 A declared presidential candidate who believes in what he has lived
11/15/18 Harvard's problem is a version of America's
11/10/18 People have a remarkable ability to rehabilitate. Courts should recognize that
11/08/18 America has shingles. A divided Congress could be the cure
11/03/18 The madness of college basketball goes well beyond March
11/01/18 An actual, not a pretend, conservative in need of support
10/27/18 A tantalizing taste of 2020
10/25/18 The federal hate crime law is both unconstitutional and unwise
10/20/18 Voters can save their judiciary from its spiral into politics
10/18/18 An unsparing look at the Vietnam War's mountain of lies
10/13/18 We have an epidemic of loneliness. How can we fix it?
10/11/18 Trump's presidency is one giant act of trolling
10/06/18 The U.S. takes a disturbing plunge into protectionism
10/04/18 Jeff Flake let down the GOP --- and served the nation
09/29/18 Abolish the death penalty
09/27/18 In today's politics, there's no such thing as rock bottom
09/22/18 America's least damaged institution --- until now
09/20/18 The symptoms of America's fall into unfocused furiousness
09/15/18 In this Texas district, the Dems seem serious about winning
09/13/18 The cult of fragility on college campuses
09/08/18 Betsy DeVos is trying to stop an assault on civil rights on college campuses. Guess who is trying to stop her
09/06/18 How a Dem could finagle a win in Mississippi
09/01/18 Judge Kavanaugh, here are my closing questions
08/29/18 Republicans should ask Brett Kavanaugh these questions
08/25/18 The questions I have for Brett Kavanaugh
08/23/18 Is fealty to Trump enough? Tennessee will tell
08/18/18 Another epic economic collapse is coming
08/16/18 The sprawling, intrusive administrative state is keeping you unwell
08/11/18 If you want peace, prepare for war
08/09/18 Poor Portland progressives: So much to protest, so little time
08/04/18 The future's only constituency is the conscience of the present
08/02/18 An election that might actually matter
07/30/18 Our socialist president
07/26/18 Today's trade warriors don't care about the evidence
07/21/18 Menendez was meant to be safe. Is this how New Jersey's 46-year drought ends?
07/17/18 Beware the 'Helsinki Republicans' --- and that includes our 'America last' president
07/14/18 Don't fix baseball, even if it's broken
07/12/18 Trump says Mueller's appointment was unconstitutional. Is he right?
07/07/18 What might a socialist American government do?
07/05/18 Trump's summit with Kim could foretell catastrophe with Putin?
06/30/18 The Supreme Court finally corrects itself on First Amendment freedoms
06/29/18 The Fourth Amendment enters the 21st century
06/28/18 For the first time, conservatives might thank Heaven for Kennedy
06/25/18 This November, cast your vote against the GOP
06/22/18 The Charles Krauthammer I knew
06/21/18 Can this libertarian restore conservatism?
06/16/18 Mr. Trump goes to war
06/14/18 The Equal Rights Amendment is a farce that's ended in tragedy
06/11/18 Ask North Korea and Iran to become vegetarians?
06/07/18 Loose lips sank the Colorado baker's case
06/02/18 The president we didn't know we always wanted
05/31/18 Mitch McConnell is winning the long game
05/26/18 The best way to tell if someone is a conservative
05/24/18 Trump's trade wars would avenge only mythical casualties
05/20/18 Battling campus oppression of the freedom of expression
05/17/18 America is about to get more law-abiding
05/12/18 If Iran wants nuclear weapons, it will get them. The end is nigh?
05/09/18 Trump is no longer the worst person in government
05/06/18 The giant sucking sound of a debt spiral
05/03/18 The president who knew too little about the Electoral College
04/30/18 Trey Gowdy leaves behind a politics he never came for
04/26/18 A showcase of the vilest and noblest manifestations of humanity
04/21/18 Gorsuch strikes a blow for constitutional equilibrium
04/19/18 Hollywood's newest action star: The Constitution's taking clause
04/14/18 State says the Supreme Court should upend precedent regarding online retailers and sales taxes
04/11/18 How should America respond to Syria's use of chemical weapons?
04/07/18 There's no good reason to stop felons from voting
04/05/18 Civil forfeiture allows larceny by 'thugs with badges'
03/30/18 A spring training quiz for baseball fans
03/29/18 Who will pay for paid family leave?
03/24/18 The second-most dangerous American
03/22/18 Dems dreams fueled by fury
03/17/18 Freedom of speech includes the right to remain silent
03/14/18 What's the real Down syndrome 'problem'?
03/10/18 We've been in Afghanistan for 6,000 days. What are we doing?
03/08/18 President Trump: Protectionism is a scythe that slices through core conservative principles
03/03/18 Could a Democrat be the best of both worlds in red-state America?
03/01/18 Don't tread on this voter's T-shirt
02/24/18 A Supreme Court case could be the biggest threat to unions in years. Good.
02/22/18 Billy Graham was no prophet; His dealings with presidents mixed vanity and naivete
02/17/18 Los Angeles's mayor deserves a presidential hearing
02/14/18 Infrastructure spending won't transform America
02/10/18 Play ball, with informed intelligence
02/07/18 Snakes on a plane for emotional support?
02/03/18 Why good economic news is bad
02/01/18 Frederick Douglass, a champion of American individualism
01/27/18 When protectionism is not about protecting America at all
01/24/18 When the whole country becomes a campus safe space
01/20/18 A debate as old as the country itself, and, still, we keep pushing that rock up the hill
01/18/18 There's nothing more depressing than a cheerful liberal
01/13/18 Progressives rejoice at a stunning gift: The right to pump their own gas
01/10/18 How merit-based college admissions became so unfair
01/06/18 Republicans could lose their House majority. That's not why this rep is leaving
01/04/18 Balanced-budget amendment would counter the abandonment of the original understanding of the Constitution
12/30/17 When judicial deference becomes dereliction of duty
12/28/17 Government can't afford for its anti-smoking efforts to succeed
12/23/17 A knock against unions could boost public workers' rights
12/21/17 The survival of the shrillest
12/16/17 Whirlpool has Washington in a spin cycle
12/14/17 By endorsing Moore, Trump sunk the US presidency to unplumbed depths
12/11/17 Can Congress rein in 'fire and fury'?
12/07/17 The Republicans' tax wager is worth the gamble
12/02/17 When is making a cake constitutionally protected speech?
11/30/17 On sports gambling, the Supreme Court should bet on federalism
11/25/17 The NCAA season starts with sleaze and scandal
11/23/17 Another year of American hilarity
11/18/17 2018's most important, expensive and strange election
11/16/17 Alabama rolls toward a high-stakes skirmish
11/11/17 Here's an idea, Republicans: Repeal and replace the tax code
11/09/17 The Republicans take aim at academic excellence
11/04/17 Hysterical mobs are crudely judging history. Here's an antidote
11/02/17 Republicans defining victory down
10/28/17 The radiating mischief of protectionism
10/26/17 The Trumpian shadow looming over America's most consequential election of the last 50 weeks
10/21/17 Planning for the future is impossible. It's also this man's job
10/19/17 Dems fancy themselves the 'Party of Science,' but are actually the real abortion fantaics
10/14/17 Trump is turning and turning in a widening gyre
10/12/17 The auto industry has a glamorous past but an opaque future
10/07/17 America's most accomplishing politician?
10/05/17 Bikini-clad baristas serve up a lesson in free speech
09/30/17 Will the Supreme Court fall into a political thicket?
09/28/17 A petri dish for progressivism, and the capital city of alternative facts
09/23/17 The thing America strives for most? Complacency
09/21/17 The steep cost of cheap speech
09/16/17 'The Vietnam War' is a masterpiece --- and a model for assessing our history
09/14/17 A hilarious and elementary lesson on the burdens of progressivism
09/09/17 Trump may awaken a slumbering Congress
09/07/17 Will Trump lower the nuclear bar?
09/02/17 Football's enjoyment is on a fade pattern
08/31/17 Yale saves fragile students from a carving of a musket
08/26/17 Trump, the novice protectionist
08/24/17 Laws that subvert the rule of law
08/05/17 The GOP has become the party of the grotesque
08/03/17 When Americans stopped trusting the government
07/29/17 Trump is something the nation did not know it needed
07/26/17 Congress continues to degrade itself
07/24/17 Weapon technology has been stalled for decades. That's about to change
07/20/17 What is the future of the Air Force? Drones, directed-energy weapons and the future of war
07/15/17 Congress is fleeing its warmaking responsibilities
07/13/17 The Democrat who knows the tax code is a 'rotting carcass'
07/08/17 How to make the health bill this century's most significant domestic policy reform
07/06/17 The sequence to success
07/01/17 America's shockingly violent birth
06/29/17 'Repeal and replace'? Try 'tweak and move on.'
06/24/17 Baseball moves way too slowly. Is it time for a pitch clock?
06/22/17 Let America plunge toward our fast-unfolding future
06/17/17 A racist vestige of the past that progressives are happy to leave in place
06/15/17 Nurturing our capacity for regeneration
06/10/17 Infrastructure hyperventilaters must really enjoy the slurp of money down the toilet
06/08/17 Express your opinion, be branded a dangerous recidivist ... and fined!?
06/03/17 Public broadcasting's immortality defies reason
06/01/17 Conservatism is soiled by scowling primitives
05/27/17 How to restore American self-reliance
05/25/17 If Ossoff wins in Georgia, Trump is in for a world of pain in 2018
05/20/17 Federal power creeps its way toward controlling . . . spiders?
05/18/17 An old 'disease' that could help lawmakers understand today's health-care debate
05/13/17 The left's misguided obsession with 'cultural appropriation'
05/10/17 Trump's violations of federalism would make Obama jealous
05/06/17 Think you're living in a 'hellhole' today?
05/03/17 A president who does not know what it is to know
04/29/17 One tax change that should be made --- and certainly won't be
04/26/17 Will France elect a Gallic Barack Obama?
04/22/17 The 'Oh, never mind' president
04/19/17 The battle against sex trafficking of minors
04/15/17 When the separation of church and state leads to children with scraped knees
04/12/17 What the Freedom Caucus stands for
04/08/17 Experience America at the time of the Great War
04/06/17 The 'alternative facts' epidemic goes way beyond politics
04/03/17 Baseball numbers aren't difficult. But this quiz might be
03/30/17 The filibuster isn't what it used to be. It's time to bring the old way back
03/25/17 A new voice for conservatism
03/23/17 Whatever replaces Obamacare will look a lot like Obamacare
03/18/17 Questions for Judge Gorsuch
03/16/17 The NEA is a government frill that should be shorn
03/11/17 A place to learn and celebrate America's foundational principles
03/09/17 The libs who loved eugenics
03/04/17 A wry squint into our grim future
03/02/17 An administration official with a Rubik’s Cube to solve
02/25/17 'Big government' is ever growing, on the sly
02/23/17 America's utterly predictable tsunami of pension problems
02/18/17 An adult voice amid pandemic childishness
02/16/17 Congress can take back power from the president. Here's how
02/11/17 Who will protect Americans from their protectors?
02/09/17 Trump tweets a red line for North Korea
02/04/17 A modest proposal to solve inequality
02/02/17 Gorsuch's chance to correct Scalia
01/28/17 Trump and academia actually have a lot in common
01/26/17 Trump's 'Protecting' the economy can end up killing it
01/21/17 Is the Baseball Hall of Fame a museum? Or is it a shrine?
01/19/17 The waterbeetle of American politics
01/14/17 This government office is trying to shut down nasty and naughty names
01/12/17 The hilarious hoax that should have taught the academy a lesson
01/07/17 The naive presumtion in the oxymoronic existence of 'the community of nations' led to some of Obama's most destructive actions
01/05/17 Obama was indeed transformational, unfortunately
12/31/16 2016 looks like a China shop after a visit from a very clumsy bull
12/29/16 Making America 1953 again
12/24/16 The very bad reason Jeff Sessions is ‘very unhappy’
12/22/16 Can Mattis make peace through technology?
12/17/16 Remember this as Trump becomes the actual president-elect
12/15/16 Starbucks shines in our ecosystem of snobbery
12/10/16 The prize that Bob Dylan really deserves
12/09/16 Trump's Carrier deal is the opposite of conservatism
12/03/16 The 'right' to be spared from guilt
11/30/16 Infrastructure boondoggle: Projects aren't jobs programs
11/26/16 Fidel Castro and dead utopianism
11/24/16 America: Be thankful you have something to grumble about
11/19/16 Higher education is awash with hysteria. That might have helped elect Trump
11/17/16 Draw the curtain on the Dems' theater of pointless gestures
11/12/16 The task ahead for today's conservatives
11/10/16 A ruinous triumph for the GOP
11/05/16 Some helpful history to remember on election night
11/02/16 A Fitting Final Chapter To The Sleaze Sweepstakes
10/29/16 One bright spot for the GOP
10/27/16 How Dems will unlikely win a fourth consecutive presidential election
10/22/16 The unlikely savior of Republicans' Senate control?
10/20/16 The specter of the 'safe space' is haunting college campuses
10/16/16 Congress insists on making itself irrelevant
10/13/16 Trump's Vile Candidacy Is Chemotherapy For The GOP
10/08/16 Vladimir Putin Is Bringing Back The 1930s
10/06/16 America's 'quiet catastrophe'
10/01/16 Incontinent rhapsodizing and nonsensical theorizing by otherwise sensible citizens
09/29/16 America's decay revealed for all to see
09/24/16 A Republican Worth Voting For
09/22/16 Congress must prove it can still efficiently provide public works to enhance the private sector
09/17/16 This year's most consequential Senate race
09/15/16 Putin goes full Orwell
09/10/16 Congress should impeach the IRS commissioner --- or risk becoming obsolete
09/08/16 In this year of the outsider, one senator's experience is actually helping him
09/03/16 Baseball's storyteller, our friend
09/01/16 The Justice Department's bank settlement slush fund
08/13/16 Why the nation will be watching Nevada on Election Day
08/11/16 State of our fiscal foolishness, exemplified
08/06/16 The sinking fantasy that Trump would defend the Constitution
08/04/16 Trump's unceasing prevarications hurt his party and his nation
07/30/16 How entangled with Russia is Trump?
07/26/16 Can Hillary do in 2016 what Reagan did in 1980?
07/23/16 Pence the pliable
07/22/16 Latest powder keg: South China Sea
07/20/16 With Texas, A Wall Too High For the GOP?
07/14/16 The travesty of teacher tenure may soon be outlawed
07/09/16 Is anemic growth the new normal?
07/07/16 The sobering evidence of social science still being ignored by report-happy Dems
07/02/16 The corrupting crusade against 'corruption'
06/30/16 The World War I battle that continues to haunt Europe
06/24/16 Brexit: Britain's welcome revival of nationhood
06/23/16 The GOP would benefit from a humiliating defeat of the narcissist who would be president
06/18/16 Wendell Willkie's 1940 nomination: When party establishments mattered. He lost the election, but the coming war would be won
06/16/16 The president America needs is hiding in plain sight at a university
06/11/16 In Britain, anti-Semitism endures
06/07/16 The 'big price' Paul Ryan has paid for supporting Donald Trump
06/04/16 Britain, too, is infected with political silliness
06/02/16 Americans told we can't 'turn back the clock'. Britain confronts explicit opportunity to reject a rising and unaccountable administrative state
05/30/16 An independence day for Britain?
05/26/16 Americans should pay close attention: Why the 'Brexit' debate concerns matters germane to their present and future
05/21/16 The inaugural address we won’t hear next January, but should
05/19/16 Patriotism in a beer can
05/14/16 Due process is still being kicked off campus
05/12/16 Amtrak's for-profit regulation
05/07/16 Who will follow Trump off the cliff?
05/05/16 Outrageous! The government tossed its original Fannie and Freddie rescue terms, preferring instead to take all the profits
05/02/16 If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House
04/28/16 What happen$ in Puerto Rico won't stay there
04/23/16 The 'settled' consensus du jour
04/21/16 Trump’s contribution to the public good
04/16/16 Histories that shouldn’t be secret
04/14/16 America needs a strategy for cyberdeterrence
04/09/16 A battle to save the Princeton battlefield
04/07/16 Cruz runs rings around Trump's bush-league convention prep
04/02/16 How Well Do You Know Your Baseball? Take the 2016 Opening Day Quiz
03/31/16 Libya undermines Clinton’s foreign policy credentials
03/26/16 Why the future is going to disappoint us
03/24/16 Can automakers redefine mobility again?
03/19/16 Do Republicans really think Donald Trump will make a good Supreme Court choice?
03/17/16 Sentencing reform alone won't fix crime and punishment in America
03/12/16 Are we finally reaching 'peak Trump'?
03/09/16 Then along came Nancy
03/05/16 Can Ted Cruz tip the GOP's balance?
02/29/16 The albatross of a Trump endorsement
02/27/16 How to cool down Donald Trump
02/22/16 Donald Trump relishes wrecking the GOP
02/20/16 The legislative and judicial branches strike back against Obama's overreach
02/15/16 Why Antonin Scalia was a jurist of colossal consequence
02/13/16 Progressives' anti-free speech itch
02/11/16 It's time to break the teeth-whitening monopoly
02/06/16 Super Bowl Sunday: The day America celebrates football --- and brain damage
02/04/16 After Iowa, will Republicans finally get a contest without Trump?
01/30/16 The simple arithmetic that could jump-start America’s economic growth
01/28/16 Michael Bloomberg: An echo, not a choice
01/23/16 Will the Supreme Court strike back at Obama’s overreach?
01/21/16 China's deeply flawed ascent
01/16/16 Keep an eye on Chris Christie
01/14/16 Marco Rubio’s record of bad judgment
01/09/16 Will the Supreme Court undo the damage done to the rights of millions of government workers?
01/07/16 Former governor faces prison over politics
01/02/16 Before the voting begins, remember when government wasn't reviled
12/31/15 Goodbye to 2015, a year of absurdity and overreach
12/26/15 The foolish 'theism' of government enthusiasts
12/24/15 If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party
12/19/15 American higher education is a house divided
12/17/15 The Paris agreement is another false 'turning point' on the climate
12/12/15 These townsfolk are in court demanding substantive due process against their government
12/10/15 The Frank Sinatra we remember
12/03/15 The most important state in the 2016 primary
11/28/15 Battling the modern American administrative state
11/25/15 America's higher education brought low
11/21/15 A threat to freedom of speech at the Supreme Court
11/19/15 Doing it right: Silly season is over, and the time to dump Trump is now
11/14/15 Saturated with progressivism American campuses celebrate diversity in everything but thought
11/11/15 Bill O' makes a mess of history
11/06/15 Bill O'Reilly slanders Ronald Reagan
11/04/15 The Supreme Court's opportunity to tackle sinister trends
10/31/15 Does Iran's anti-Semitism run too deep for deterrence?
10/28/15 Sports fantasy cash-in: The government wants in on the action
10/24/15 The GOP's justice reform opportunity
10/21/15 Supreme Court justices are too passive
10/17/15 Truth and inequality
10/15/15 The failed 'blue model'
10/10/15 Ted Cruz's audacious plan to win the GOP nomination
10/08/15 Impeach him!
10/03/15 The human quest to find our place in the universe
10/01/15 Our Navy, our destiny
09/26/15 The bobblehead race for the presidency
09/24/15 Yogi Berra, an American story
09/19/15 Pope Francis' fact-free flamboyance
09/17/15 A faith-based mission to reform lives behind bars in Ohio
09/12/15 Redeeming the remainder of a life
09/09/15 Donald Trump is a malleable mess
09/05/15 There are so many things to be offended by, and so little time to agonize about each
09/03/15 A blood-stained law
08/29/15 Dying by choice
08/27/15 The havoc that Trump wreaks
08/22/15 Doom for the GOP
08/20/15 Monumental fail: A monstrosity to memorialize Eisenhower
08/15/15 How to milk moolah from majorities
08/13/15 Donald Trump is a counterfeit Republican
08/08/15 The man who helped kill the Soviet Union with information
08/06/15 'Vocabulary of mutilation': A disturbing primer on the War on Drugs
08/01/15 Planned Parenthood and the barbarity of America
07/30/15 Making bad history: Iran deal abandons Obama's own goals
07/11/15 The 110 year-old case that still inspires Supreme Court debates
07/09/15 Greece, a reminder that the European Union was a terrible idea to begin with
07/04/15 Roberts' ObamaCare ruling advances a conservative goal
07/02/15 GOP candidates are becoming unhinged
06/26/15 Constitutional overthrow: Roberts' damaging Obamacare ruling
06/25/15 Clinton's dodginess: Some questions she must answer
06/21/15 So what if Greece leaves the European Union?
06/18/15 Introducing McDonald's, the 'socially reponsible' burger joint. Really!?
06/13/15 The 588-year path to limited government
06/11/15 Ignore Obama and vote for trade-promotion authority
06/06/15 The super PAC minuet; Reformers get stung by success
06/04/15 Bernie Sanders' 'socialist' charade
05/30/15 A summer break from campus muzzling
05/28/15 Elections and campaigns are not the same thing
05/24/15 Quest for war legitimacy
05/21/15 Capital punishment's slow death
05/16/15 Santorum's next crusade
05/14/15 Punishing parents who deviate from the government-enforced norm
05/09/15 Huck's appalling crusade and warped reading of the balance of powers
05/07/15 Will Dems' nominee be a patrician blacksmith?
05/02/15 Remember the Lusitania
04/30/15 The two issues that would bedevil Lindsey Graham's campaign
04/26/15 Is America ready for President Graham?
04/23/15 When bootleggers and Baptists converge
04/18/15 Shriveled grapes, shriveled liberty: A raisin case goes before SCOTUS
04/16/15 'Sustainability' gone mad on college campuses
04/11/15 Iran's nuclear intoxication: Obama is merely choosing to settle
04/09/15 Everything is a crime
04/05/15 Testing your baseball knowledge
04/02/15 Cruz is aiming at the wrong Republicans
03/28/15 Clinton memory lane: Here come new opportunities for scandal
03/26/15 How income inequality benefits everybody
03/21/15 Assortive mating: The dilemma for college-educated women
03/19/15 Kasich waits in the wings: The Ohio governor could add spice to 2016
03/14/15 Two-parent advantage: A bad family structure trumps good economics
03/12/15 A bank with Congress in its pocket
03/07/15 Obama's best idea won't materialize without the aid of the GOP
03/05/15 The IRS' pattern of corruption
02/28/15 Two reading lessons from the Supreme Court
02/26/15 He's is out to emancipate the Land of Lincoln
02/21/15 The wrong battlefield: Terrorism aTwitter
02/19/15 Congress' essential but by no means easy debate on war authorization
02/14/15 Pessimism's antidote: The world isn't as dangerous as we think
02/12/15 The pol who deserves the trust of conservatives
02/07/15 Fixing America's failing approach to schools
02/05/15 Defining failure down: We've made slow growth seem normal
01/31/15 Letting the air out of America's season of wretched excess
01/29/15 Bud Selig's winning legacy
01/24/15 Bernie Sanders has mountains to climb
01/22/15 An entitlement epidemic
01/17/15 Romney version 3.0? A third presidential run would be no charm
01/15/15 Keystone XL klutzes: Dems have exposed their credulity
01/10/15 Questions for a nominee
01/08/15 Climate change's instructive past
01/02/15 A senator to watch in 2015
01/01/15 A strike against rent-seeking
12/27/14 Jeb's hurdles
12/25/14 Cuba derangement: Rand Paul and Marco Rubio have been exposed
12/20/14 A legal warrior lighting fuses
12/18/14 A license to debate: State takes aim at the First Amendment
12/13/14 Tax reform optimism
12/11/14 Criminalized to death: The lethal irresponsibility of government
12/06/14 Government for the strongest
12/04/14 Congress' bad habits
11/29/14 A case for self-restraint: How the GOP must react to Obama's overreach
11/26/14 Thank you, America: The real turkeys in our country
11/22/14 Recalling Rockefeller
11/20/14 The Justice Department becomes a schoolyard bully
11/15/14 A murderer's warped idealism
11/13/14 A potential fresh start for U.S. foreign policy
11/08/14 Time to rethink Hillary Clinton's 2016 hopes
11/06/14 The first steps Republicans should take
11/01/14 How much has Obama harmed Dems?
10/29/14 Republican becomes a capitalist punching bag
10/25/14 The nastiest political tactic this year
10/23/14 To restore the senate's dignity
10/18/14 Mark Uterus' overheated political rhetoric
10/16/14 Tackled by the language police
10/11/14 Cleaning up competition: The Supreme Court's role in teeth whitening
10/09/14 Why Christie matters
10/04/14 A Bell-ringer for office
10/02/14 A new case for Congressional term limits: Maybe Congress will act while they can
09/27/14 So much for the 'war on women' trope
09/25/14 Upping the Senate's intellectual voltage
09/20/14 Cashing in on voting
09/18/14 Obama is defying the Constitution on war
09/13/14 A backlash against Britishness
09/11/14 Real political extremism: Left senators tried hard to limit a key American right
09/04/14 Has NATO lost its will as well as its muscle?
09/04/14 Putin's fascist revival carries echoes of Hitler
08/30/14 Paul Ryan's way forward: He rethinks the 'makers' and 'takers' idea
08/28/14 How should we project American power?
08/23/14 Indigent defense crisis
08/21/14 The government watches us in order to improve us
08/16/14 In a stew over inversions
08/14/14 Into a new void?
08/09/14 When nature attacks: Epidemics can be terror weapons
08/07/14 The Nixon coverup that worked?
08/02/14 The odd man out: Why he's being ignored by Dems
07/31/14 America needs a conservative internationalist as president
07/27/14 GOP doctor is calling on voters
07/22/14 Barry Goldwater 2.0: This candidate wants to redefine conservatism
07/05/14 The Supreme Court reins in government bullies
07/03/14 Unanimous Supreme Court comes at a cost
06/28/14 Are you offended?
06/26/14 Mississippi Republicans vote their appetite
06/21/14 Stopping a lawless president
06/17/14 Obama's foreign policy of retreat
06/14/14 The roar of Europe's protest vote
06/12/14 The Cantor ripple effect
06/06/14 Colleges become the victims of progressivism
06/04/14 When a president goes rogue
05/31/14 Showdown in Tar Heel country
05/28/14 Obamanomics
05/24/14 The 2016 candidate the nation really needs
05/21/14 State laws in trouble: Campaign finance laws are going extinct
05/17/14 A Great Society's decline: The high cost of Lyndon Johnson's grand project
05/14/14 Where the voters are left without a choice
05/10/14 Ruling by intimidation
05/07/14 Thin skins and prayer: Irritable Americans show their intolerance
05/03/14 Obamacare's doom
05/01/14 Heavy hand of the IRS seizes innocent Americans' assets
04/26/14 Tangled by euphemisms: Affirmative action, by any name, is shameful
04/23/14 The adolescent president: Obama stoops to the rhetoric of teenagers
04/19/14 This High Court Case has it all: Abortion, ObamaCare and empowering the free speech police to fine or imprison
04/16/14 Progressives don't grasp the Constitution
04/12/14 The counter to a 'war on women'
04/09/14 A stronger Constitution would limit the U.S' spending habit
04/05/14 Tax reform's uphill push
04/03/14 Jeb might be a good choice for the GOP in 2016, if he isn't first burned at the stake for his heresies
03/29/14 Take a swing at these ...
03/27/14 Keeping Russia out: Is Crimea Putin’s last territorial demand?
03/22/14 The Left has been in denial over why poverty persists
03/17/14 A fear of Russia
03/15/14 Dems hurting the poor: Obama is increasing income inequality
03/13/14 Society's health does not depend on medicine
03/08/14 The IRS's behavior taxes credulity
03/03/14 Misreading Putin, and history: Obama's thinking could be dangerous
03/01/14 GOP displays smarter side
02/27/14 Why it is so sublime to be a liberal nowadays
02/20/14 Is Ukraine the Cold War's final episode?
02/18/14 Breaking the grip of the unions
02/14/14 The reform that matters: Why the GOP needs to deal with immigration
02/13/14 Lessons from the Abbey: Progressivism will make the U.S. an upstairs/downstairs society
02/08/14 Obama's magic words: He believes what he says, and that's scary
02/06/14 How the Sunshine State's special election could horribly burn Obama
02/01/14 This progressive battle could be the highlight of 2014
01/30/14 The four-word trap: How a short phrase in the law could undo Obamacare
01/25/14 Political exhibitionism: State of the Union is full of sound and fury
01/22/14 For an active judiciary: Passivity is inconsistent with our democracy
01/18/14 Government should not force people into unions
01/16/14 Common Core doubts: Why opponents have every right to be skeptical
01/11/14 A defining moment: The Supreme Court could curb Obama's power
01/09/14 Liberalism by gesture: Hybrids, minimum wage and more
01/04/14 Politics, by the numbers: Evaluating 2016 by diving into the data
01/02/14 Political ignorance: The cost of voters' inattention to politics
12/28/13 Gifts for conservatives
12/26/13 Sledgehammer justice: How mandatory minimums gut our rights
12/21/13 The fusion in our future
12/19/13 Executive discretion: Will Congress challenge Obama?
12/14/13 Raise the minimum wage? Nifty, but . . .
12/12/13 Obama's tardy epiphany about government's flaws
12/07/13 The least awful choice
12/05/13 The only two options on Iran
11/30/13 Scott Walker, 2016: Well-positioned for a campaign
11/28/13 Pardon these turkeys: Give thanks to the year 2013
11/23/13 How a presidency unravels
11/21/13 The real John Kennedy: His conservatism is an inconvenient truth
11/16/13 Excitement for 2016
11/14/13 A sure-fire way to pass immigration reform
11/09/13 Can Yellen stand alone?
11/06/13 Obama's feast of failures
11/02/13 More evidence of a government run amok
10/31/13 Citizen activists finally being empowered by judges
10/26/13 Santorum wants to fix what ails the GOP
10/24/13 A better GOP choice
10/19/13 The tea party-Obama overlap
10/15/13 The sequester: The hammer Republicans hold
10/12/13 Is racial preference unconsitutional?
10/10/13The scowling liberals
10/05/13 Supreme Court can rescue another freedom in a campaign cash case
10/02/13 For GOP in 2016, some medicine
09/28/13 Some expect too much of Fed's progressivism
09/25/13 A ruinous opportunity
09/21/13 When isolationism ruled the land: Today's reservations are minor in contex
09/19/13 Academe's money tree
09/14/13 The Bay of Pigs' unfinished battle
09/10/13 Syria presents a constitutional moment
09/07/13 Clinton vs. Christie? It's not too soon to become dismayed
09/04/13 Obama seeks an accomplice
08/31/13 The poetic prose of those heartbroken: Voices from WW II's scarlet calamity
08/29/13 Obama's careless remarks may lead the U.S. to war
08/24/13 Obama's Brainy Idea
08/22/13 A mountain of illegality
08/17/13 The sequester and government at its best
08/14/13 Obama's Constitution twisting: His arrogant claims are worse than Nixon's
08/10/13 Taming the tax code: Senators tiptoe toward reform:
08/08/13 Reinventing Detroit
08/03/13 Motown's one-man show
08/01/13 Death by democracy
07/12/13 Know thyself, America
07/11/13 A preferable tyranny
07/06/13 A never-mind presidency
07/01/13 After 150 years, the choices made at Gettysburg still reverberate
06/27/13 Why the Voting Rights Act had to go
06/25/13 Supreme Court doesn't resolve wrongs of affirmative action
06/21/13 Hitting a wall in Berlin: Obama is scarily detached from reality
06/20/13 America's broken bootstraps
06/15/13 Tax-based morality: Slipping the constitutional leash
06/13/13 Don't trust government: The best case against the NSA is the IRS
06/08/13 How sweet it isn't
06/06/13 Sense on sentencing: Senators push to weaken mandatory minimums
06/01/13 Signs of a government gone off the rails
05/30/13 Texas' dogged ruling: State court denies pets exalted status
05/25/13 Coercively correct: Another scandal, this one at the Dept. of Education
05/23/13 Obama's lawlessness
05/17/13 Obama's tapped-out trust
05/14/13 In IRS scandal, echoes of Watergate
05/11/13 On immigration, Charles Dickens matters
05/08/13 Obama's 2014 delusion
05/04/13 Muzzled speech on taxes: Airlines object to rules on price listings
05/02/13 Obama is right on Syria
04/27/13 Reining in Obama: The president gets some adult supervision
04/25/13 When fear crushed rights: A cautionary tale for the Boston bombing case
04/20/13 This maverick pol is a proud GOPer
04/18/13 Uncle Sam’s hidden cost: The surreptitious funding of the welfare
04/13/13 Justice on trial
04/08/13 The formidable Margaret Thatcher
04/06/13 Johns Hopkins's and Planned Parenthood's troubling extremism
04/04/13 'Diversity' nonsense has infiltrated K-12 schools
03/30/13 The Opening Day quiz: Take a swing at these questions
03/27/13 A bipartisan abdication: Facilitating Obama's imperial presidency
03/23/13 The RNC's changes make matters worse
03/21/13 DOMA abuses federalism: Both sides should worry about high court case
03/16/13 What comes after 'I do'?: The shaky science of gay marriage
03/14/13 The art of writing well
03/09/13 The Pop-Tart terrorist
03/07/13 D.C.'s low-water mark
03/02/13 Stuck in the past: Progressives' distaste for progress on voting rights
02/28/13 Golden goose eggs
02/23/13 Apocalypse fatigue
02/21/13 Alone and suffering: Solitary confinement is its own form of torture
02/14/13 Commander in brief
02/09/13 Ending 'too big to fail': Time to break up the banks
02/07/13 Shackling the spenders
02/02/13 The price of moral grandstanding: The folly of libs' high-minded investing
01/31/13 Chris Christie, the potentially un-Romney for the GOP, erupts
01/25/13 Recipe for conservative revival
01/24/13 Sign of overreach: A case that abuses First and Fifth Amendments
01/19/13 The time bomb in Obamacare?
01/17/13 Questions for Hagel: What his nomination hearings should address
01/12/13 Our interrogation legacy: 'Zero Dark Thirty' forces viewers to face reality
01/10/13 Dems' Loss Of Nerve Gives GOP An Opening
01/05/13 Marx and college football
01/03/13 Perils Of The Entitlement State And Our Decadent Democracy
12/29/12 'Democracy and Disdain' misses the point of judicial review
12/27/12 The door-opener to America
12/22/12 Rewriting history on the filibuster
12/20/12 Mandatory Voting: Is This The Obama Administration's Goal?
12/15/12The anti-union backlash
12/13/12 The real 'cliff' argument
12/08/12 Why targeted killings are justifiable in today's wars
12/06/12 Bewitched by Obama: 'Cliff' talk is just an excuse to expand government
12/01/12 Free speech on the run: Schools pursue 'diversity' in everything but thought
11/29/12 Cliff Is No Accident: Big Gov't Is What Dems Want
11/24/12 The death of Twinkies . . . And why it has baby boomers talking
11/22/12 We give thanks: Some post-turkey news to digest
11/17/12 Answerable to no one
11/15/12 Will Supreme Court answer monks' prayers?
11/10/12 A better GOP: The party has a lot of thinking to do
11/08/12 And the winner is: Contention
11/03/12 Taking America's pulse: On Election Day, watch these indexes of change
11/01/12 Obama's Strident Tone A Product Of His Desperation?
10/27/12 The Gimme Society: The entitlement state mugs our descendants
10/23/12 America, finally home?
10/20/12 Seeds of our dysfunction: Reduce the government's complicity in illusions
10/18/12 Overloading the Fed
10/13/12 Why the largest banks are a problem
10/11/12 A Senate 'eviscerated'
10/05/12 Romney hits a trifecta in Denver
10/01/12 Can Romney turn this contest around?
09/29/12 A better debate: Some questions for the candidates
09/27/12 The war on free advice
09/22/12 Love from Utah: A GOP candidate belies Obama's 'stalemate'
09/20/12 Why not treat voters like grown-ups?
09/15/12 The tangled web of conflicting rights
09/13/12 Monetary morphine
09/08/12 Pigskin progressivism
09/06/12 Obama ---- the real radical
09/01/12 Liberalism, as we know it
08/30/12 Voters, are you bluffing?
08/23/12 Why government needs a diet: Paternalistic anti-obesity laws don't work
08/18/12 Apocalypse not: Why doom has not materialized
08/12/12 Romney's presidential pick
08/11/12 Obama in context
08/09/12 A Golden State train wreck
08/04/12 Football's big problem
08/02/12 A Madisonian touch
07/28/12 Leviathan on the loose
07/26/12 Don't be an 'M-word'
07/07/12 What price clean air? EPA's heavy hand portends economic harm
07/05/12 Rahm vs. the teachers: And why the Chicago union isn't all wrong
06/28/12 Conservatives' long-term victory
06/26/12 Cruel and unusual: The high court and juvenile life without parole
06/23/12 The LOST sinkhole: A treaty that supersedes U.S. law
06/21/12 Good vibrations: The Beach Boys still get around
06/16/12 When judicial 'restrain' is unreasonable
06/14/12 Perfect politics? It's elementary.
06/09/12 Subprime college educations
06/07/12 Reining in runaway regulators . . . And clawing back powers intended for Congress
06/02/12 Peter Pan progressivism
05/31/12 Rigging free speech
05/27/12 A liberal squeeze play
05/24/12 Comedic diversity: Elizabeth Warren's absurd identity politics
05/19/12 When the looter is the government
05/17/12 Too much agreement means more entitlements
05/1212 Our cars, ourselves
05/1012 Ravenous Congress Will Tax Jobs Out Of Existence For ObamaCare
05/0512 Slashing the Bill of Rights: The lengths to which some libs would go
05/03/12 Living well with Down: The story of my son, who turns 40 this week
04/28/12 Going all the way with LBJ
04/26/12 Bills Coming Due As Reality Closes In
04/21/12 Cruel and unusual --- a test case
04/19/12 True self-government
04/14/12 Democratizing the skies
04/12/12 Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs?
04/07/12 Romney veep pick? A heavy hitter
04/05/12 The drug legalization dilemma
03/31/12 Batter up! The annual baseball quiz
03/29/12 The cabbie who is driving for liberty
03/24/12 ObamaCare's oxymoron
03/22/12 The inexorable march of creative destruction
03/17/12 Export-Import Bank's damage to American firms
03/15/12 Organized subsidies: Union business, on the taxpayers' dime
03/10/12 Those pesky laws
03/04/12 Plan B for stopping Obama
03/03/12 R.I.P, honored prophet
03/01/12 Another Super PAC myth
02/25/12 The ghosts of Watergate
02/23/12 Two miscast candidates
02/18/12 Reasons to like Ike: Proposed memorial misses the man
02/16/12 High time to boot the houseguests who refuse to leave
02/12/12 Is it bribery or just politics?
02/09/12 Fighting the last war
02/04/12 Lifting up the fatherless: Filling the holes in their souls
02/02/12 How states are restricting political speech nationwide
01/28/12 Obama to the nation: Onward civilian soldiers
01/24/12 Can Romney the turnaround artist do it again?
01/21/12 Making states cry uncle
01/19/12 When taking pictures is a 'suspicious activity'
01/14/12 Clogging our ports with rules
01/12/12 The Little League All Stars who were never beaten
01/08/12 The redistributionist behemoth
01/05/12 Suddenly, a fun candidate
01/01/12 Confident conservatives
12/29/11 A judicious victory from notoriously liberal 9th Circuit
12/24/11 Historical headwinds: Gingrich, Romney and Paul against the odds
12/22/11 Gingrich, the anti-conservative
12/18/11 The right to compete
12/14/11 Newt Gingrich commits a capital crime
12/10/11 Ron Paul, spoiler?
12/05/11 Choking on Obamacare
12/04/11 Stop the coronation: Both Gingrich and Romney are too risky
12/01/11 The unintended consequences of racial preferences
11/26/11 A private Postal Service
11/24/11 Feast on these 2011 turkeys
11/18/11 ObamaCare's mandate: Is there no limit to Congress's power?
11/17/11 The high cost of 'More!'
11/12/11 Who gets to judge political truth?
11/10/11 What it was, was football: College's vulgar race for TV revenue
11/05/11 Slate of 8 stymies real debate
11/03/11 Conformity for diversity's sake
10/29/11 Romney could damage chances for the GOP
10/27/11 Inundated by a river of words
10/23/11 The unlikely target of conservatives
10/20/11 A Republic, guaranteed
10/15/11 The NBA standoff pits the elite vs. the elite
10/13/11 Calling for a Mulligan
10/08/11 Protect the states
10/06/11 Collectivists' Goal Is To Dilute Our Concept Of Individualism
10/02/11 Educational overreach: A federal takeover
09/29/11 A Frank 'cure' for the Fed
09/25/11 Nibbling away at free enterprise
09/22/11 Obstructing the right to recall
09/17/11 At the Pentagon, the specter of a sequester
09/15/11 Our floundering 'federal family'
09/10/11 Sept. 11's self-inflicted wounds
09/08/11 Why libs fear the 'Lochner' decision
09/03/11 Question time for Republicans
09/01/11 Fresh brew
08/28/11 And now, a school choice fight
08/25/11 Libs' Waterloo
08/20/11 Chris Christie, America's Caesar
08/18/11 America's lost ally
08/14/11 JFK's Berlin blunder
08/11/11 Britain tackles the welfare state
08/07/11 Making hay at the Ames straw poll
08/02/11 The debt deal and Obama's 2012 problem
07/31/11 Declaration of independents
07/25/11 Congress stands its ground
07/21/11 Tea Party would defeat Obama by supporting McConnell plan on debt
07/07/11 Warming Up In GOP Pen For Alibi Ike
07/02/11 Burning down the house
06/29/11 A Supreme Court win for political speech and political money
06/26/11 Rick Perry: A Texan's 'exceptionalism'
06/23/11 John McCain's never-ending war
06/19/11 Libya and the Potemkin alliance
06/16/11 For conservatives, it can't get any better
06/11/11 Government by the 'experts'
06/09/11 Obama and free trade: Appease big labor
06/04/11 The NFL's labor pains
06/02/11 Jon Huntsman's thorny path to the GOP nomination
05/28/11 Is Obama above the law?
05/26/11 A moment to seize
05/22/11 Golden State blues, in the red
05/19/11 Hugs and taxes
05/15/11 The Dreamliner nightmare
05/12/11 History lessons for Obama and other liberals
05/08/11 The wonders of being 70
05/02/11 The small footprint that eliminated bin Laden
05/01/11 The 'Amazon Tax' effect
04/27/11 This is reform?
04/24/11 Tackling education's status quo
04/21/11 The GOP sends in a Marine for education reform
04/17/11 A conservative populist leaves the Fed
04/14/11 The curse of free money
04/07/11 An Arizona city's sports mania encounters a hard check
04/07/11 The haze of humanitarian imperialism
04/02/11 Citizens shouldn’t have to justify their speech.
03/31/11 Step up to the plate for a baseball quiz
03/27/11 College daze: The insanity of the application process
03/24/11 Is it America's duty to intervene wherever regime change is needed?
03/20/11 The 'blue national soil' of China's navy
03/17/11 America's Navy and the rise of China
03/13/11 The Supreme Court and the health-care mandate muddle
03/09/11 On Libya, too many questions
03/06/11 Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and the spotlight-chasing candidates of 2012
03/03/11 Lamar Smith: Immigration's taskmaster
2/27/11 Teach for America: Letting the cream rise
2/21/11 Out of Wisconsin, a lesson in leadership for Obama
2/20/11 Jim Jordan: House Republicans' eager budget cutter
2/17/11 Mitch Daniels's case for a less strident conservatism
2/13/11 The GOP's defense budget mystery
2/09/11 Egypt's revolution to win or lose
2/06/11 John Kasich: Spoiling for a fight in Ohio
2/03/11 Rick Santorum's appeal to the GOP base
1/30/11 Uncle Sam in the driver's seat
1/27/11 Getting American students to find the goal posts of success
1/23/11 America's political disharmony
1/20/11 Hubris heading for a fall
1/16/11 A Congress that reasserts its power
1/11/11 The charlatans' response to the Tucson tragedy
01/09/11 Fred Upton, Rust Belt revolutionary
01/06/11 Given up your New Year's resolutions? It's the American way
01/01/11 Rev the scientific engine
12/30/10 China has seen the future, and it is coal
12/26/10 A remedy for beggar states
12/23/10 Dave Camp's plan: Taxes made simple
12/19/10 The political fantasyland of the 'No Labels' movement
12/16/10 Could there be a Tet Offensive in Afghanistan?
12/12/10 Bush v. Gore, 10 years later
12/09/10 Why Mike Pence catches conservatives' eyes
12/05/10 The case for engaged justices
12/02/10 Obama's time-warp focus on the New START treaty
11/28/10 Our puritanical progressives
11/25/10 Kevin McCarthy: A Republican watching for executive overreach
11/21/10 The T.S. of A takes control
11/18/10 The trap of the Federal Reserve's dual mandate
11/14/10 What's driving Obama's subsidies of Chevy's Volt?
11/11/10 2010 a banner year for conservatives
11/07/10 Congress can keep Obama in check
11/04/10 A recoil against liberalism
10/31/10 What's at stake Tuesday
10/28/10 Political wrestling match
10/25/10 A blue-state governor with red-state qualities
10/21/10 Candidate Obama : In West Virginia, he's the man to beat
10/17/10 The Democratic vision of Big Brother
10/14/10 A historic shift in the making?
10/10/10 The Obama referendum
10/07/10 Sumo wrestling with deficits
10/03/10 The Moynihan feast
09/30/10 Table-pounding on the Left
09/26/10 A better way to pick a president
09/23/10 Victory in paradise?
09/19/10 Cuba's Castro learns what most of us already knew
09/16/10 A nickel for big government
09/12/10 Obama's clunker economics
09/09/10 South Carolina go-getters
09/05/10 The environmental movement in retreat
09/02/10 A Rocky Mountain showdown
08/29/10 Daunting divides in achievement and family life
08/26/10 The Mideast mirage
08/22/10 The 'two-state' delusion
08/19/10 Skip the lectures on Israel's ‘risks for peace’
08/15/10 Israel will not be a ‘perfect victim’
08/12/10 Israel's anti-Obama
07/15/10 The high price of American hubris
07/11/10 Putting the clamps on free speech
07/08/10 Another round of Prohibition, anyone?
07/04/10 Candidate nobody is not to be underestimated
06/27/10 A few 'vapid' questions for Elena Kagan
06/24/10 McChrystal had to go
06/20/10 Futility in Afghanistan: An NCO fires off a round of illumination
06/17/10 Waiting games in Afghanistan
06/13/10 Proposition for political blandness
06/10/10 Jobs report a nightmare for Obama progressivism
06/06/10 Why should education be exempt from recession budgeting?
06/03/10 Power without limits
05/30/10 Obama's Scrooge act
05/27/10 The face of the Tea Party
05/20/10 American politics of late: Now that's entertaining
05/16/10 European Union: A coalition of irresponsibility
05/13/10 Too weak to fail
05/09/10 The 'civilianization' of the U.S. military
05/06/10 In Afghanistan, the clock is ticking
05/02/10 The real immigration scare tactics
04/28/10 A law Arizona can live with
04/25/10 Japanese American heroes, bereft of bitterness
04/22/10 Bringing Thunder-ous change to New Jersey
04/18/10 A plan to tax everybody
04/15/10 For high court nominee, no (political) experience necessary
04/11/10 Only a brave few acknowledge an entitlement crisis
04/08/10 GM's big turnaround at the federal trough
04/04/10 Why batters get plunked
04/01/10 A GOP dust-up in Arizona
03/28/10 An argument to be made about immigrant babies and citizenship
03/24/10 A battle won, but a victory?
03/21/10 Dems miss an obvious lesson plan for deprived children
03/18/10 Why can't Uncle Sam learn?
03/14/10 Justices and politicians should boycott the State of the Union
03/11/10 Wilsonian folly : Health-reform errors by Prof. Obama
03/07/10 Privileges, guns and the court
03/04/10 How to ruin a child
02/28/10 A 'cure' for character
02/25/10 For libs, the filibuster is now the enemy
02/21/10 Climate science tantrums
02/18/10 Sarah Palin and the mutual loathing society
02/14/10 Progressives and the growing dependency agenda
02/11/10 Republican hopes rises in California
02/07/10 How to get the country to solvency on entitlements
02/04/10 A deficit's demographics
01/29/10 A divided brain in Washington
01/28/10 A 'reform' wisely rejected
01/24/10 For Obama, a mandate to be moderate
01/21/10 Democrats on the precipice of failure
01/18/10 Congress's error of commission
01/14/10 That rock in the health-care road? It's called the Constitution.
01/10/10 Getting what you wish for at Berkeley
01/07/10 Pigskin piggy bank
01/03/10 In N.Y., government's eminent arrogance
12/31/09 What an asteroid can't quell
12/24/09 Rome's call: "Come on over"
12/22/09 Obama's dubious 'wins' in Copenhagen and Congress
12/20/09 Disconnected, and disconnecting
12/17/09 Health-care fight gives GOPers a chance to win
12/13/09 An interference call for college football
12/10/09 Rise of the Fed bashers
12/06/09 The climate-change travesty
12/03/09 This will not end well
11/29/09 Rocky Mountain high
11/26/09 The gift of not giving
11/22/09 Awash in fossil fuels
11/19/09 Unlawful health reform?
11/15/09 An image evaporates
11/11/09 Gambling with the dollar
11/08/09 Bad climate for global worriers
11/04/09 Unicorns in Kabul
11/01/09 Bullying by disclosure
10/29/09 Seven-year-olds party with pharmaceuticals they steal from their parents
10/25/09 The Bachmann burr
10/22/09 Obama's senior moment
10/18/09 The Real Jobs Threat: A Stimulus for Hill Dems' Fortunes?
10/15/09 A Wave Takes Shape in Delaware
10/11/09 Anger management hits a hump
10/06/09 An Olympic Ego Trip
10/04/09 Enter the White Queen
10/01/09 Cooling Down the Cassandras
09/27/09 A Ripe Time For Florida's Marco Rubio
09/23/09 The Cost of a Presidential Cave-In
09/20/09 Been there, didn't do that
09/17/09 Artists in Harness
09/13/09 Taking On The Book Banners
09/10/09 Candidate in a State of Dystopia
09/03/09 Time to Get Out of Iraq
09/01/09 Time to Get Out of Afghanistan
08/30/09 After the Governator, the Calculator
08/27/09 (b) One Long Shot to Watch
08/27/09 The Most Consequential Kennedy?
08/23/09 Obama's State Capitalism
08/20/09 Bulldozing Freedom Of Speech
08/16/09 A New Deal Worth Fostering
07/23/09 When will the alarmists realize that the developing world is not getting on board?
07/19/09 A Year of Slipping The Leash
07/16/09 Labor in the driver's seat
07/12/09 Higher taxes, anyone?
07/08/09 The McNamara Mentality
07/05/09 A California comeback?
06/30/09 On race, the slog goes on
06/28/09 A health "reform" to regret
06/25/09 Tilting at green windmills
06/21/09 The stealth single-payer agenda
06/18/09 Burned by a tobacco bill
06/14/09 More judicial activism, please
06/11/09 Recovery, meet sobriety
06/07/09 Have We Got a Deal for You
06/04/09 Green with guilt
05/31/09 "Shock And Awe" Statism
05/27/09 Does Sotomayor think Justice should lift her blindfold?
05/24/09 End Run on Free Speech
05/21/09 The Coming California Bailout
05/17/09 Greed's saving graces
05/14/09 Tincture of Lawlessness: Obama's Overreaching Economic Policies
05/10/09 Capitalism Goes Out Of Tune
05/07/09 Sunbeams From Cucumbers
05/02/09 Liberal lab confirms conservatism
04/30/09 The Dems' Disharmony
04/26/09 The Wreck of a Spoils System
04/23/09 Obama's Budget Follies
04/19/09 Scavenging in the ash heap of history: Obama seeks to engage Russia, which surely must appreciate the attention
04/12/09 Racing Past the Constitution
04/09/09 Hail the ump
04/05/09 Government vs. the Axles of Evil
04/02/09 Climate Change's Dim Bulbs
03/29/09 Bailing Out of the Constitution
03/24/09 The Toxic Assets We Elected
03/22/09 Kidnapped by the Cartels
03/19/09 Mexico's drug war has Arizona in cross hairs
03/13/09 Voting Rights Gone Wrong
03/12/09 Paved with magnificent intentions
03/08/09 Where the obesity grows
03/05/09 A Duty Congress Shares
03/01/09 Climate science in a tornado
02/26/09 Prudes at Dinner, Gluttons in Bed
02/22/09 Sen. Feingold's Constitution
02/19/09 Drowning by fire hose
02/15/09 Dark Green Doomsayers
02/12/09 Runaway stimulus
02/08/09 How Congress Trumps Darwin
02/05/09 In a D.C. state of mind
02/01/09 Congress Will Have the Buffet
01/29/09 Stimulus math for the GOP
01/25/09 Grand, Yes. Bargain, No.
01/21/09 Speech therapy
01/18/09 Voting rights anachronism
01/15/09 Of Judges, By Judges, For Judges
01/11/09 Litigation nation
01/08/09 End run on the treasury
01/04/09: The Toll of a Rights "Victory"
01/01/09: A Health Reformer's Scary Diagnosis
12/28/08: American Czars: From Eggs to Automobiles
12/25/08: A tiny bit of artful government
12/21/08: Making Congress moot
12/18/08: Seeking a Ford in our future
12/14/08: Battle of the Billionaires
12/11/08: Steady hand at defense
12/07/08: Broadcast "Fairness" Fouls Out
12/04/08: Obama's jobs lowball
11/30/08: Same old New Deal?
11/27/08: Free ride for the campus Left
11/22/08: Reinventing the Second Amendment
11/18/08: In Detroit, Failure's a Done Deal
11/16/08: "Socialism"? It's Already Here
11/13/08: Kentuckian in the Breach
11/09/08: Democratic Ironies, Republican Afflictions
11/06/08: What would Goldwater do?
11/02/08: A Seismic Election Day
10/30/08: Call Him John the Careless
10/26/08: Stopping Dr. Statism
10/23/08: Willie Sutton goes to Harvard
10/19/08: A faith's dwindling following
10/16/08: A gift on hallowed ground
10/12/08: Dispensable arrogance
10/09/08: It may be politically prudent for McCain to throw caution, and billions, to the wind
10/05/08: What McCain Learned From the Rough Rider
10/01/08: A vote against rashness
09/24/08: A Bush plan Lenin would like
09/23/08: Is McCain Fit for the Presidency?
09/21/08: Bailout on wheels
09/18/08: McCain's closing argument
09/14/08: An inner city success story
09/11/08: The next financial crisis is already here
09/07/08: Are you better off?
09/03/08: Impulse, meet experience
08/31/08: The Mush in California's Middle
08/28/08: The Devils in His Details
08/24/08: Little Rhetoric Riding Hood
08/21/08: Where Paternalism Makes the Grade
08/17/08: A Race McCain Could Win
08/12/08: Russia's Power Play shows the paralysis of the U.N. regarding major power
08/10/08: Illustrating history's essential promise
08/07/08: Sacramento Dreaming Again
08/03/08: Obama Eloquence Fatigue
07/10/08: Survival of the Sudsiest
07/06/08: The Knock on the Door
07/03/08: Independence Days: Self-Evident Truths, Whenever Declared
06/27/08: McCain's day of repudiation
06/26/08: Don't Deport the Tech Talent
06/22/08: More Prisoners, Less Crime
06/17/08: Contempt Of Courts: McCain's posturing on Guantanamo
06/15/08: The End of Umpire?
06/12/08: Country forced to play electoral vote numbers game
06/06/08: Does Obama want to be a a reflection of a reflection?
06/05/08: The gas prices we deserve
06/01/08: Carbon's power brokers
05/29/08: Questions McCain Shouldn't Answer
05/25/08: The Last Doughboy
05/22/08: March of the Polar Bears
05/18/08: The prize Hillary isn't owed
05/15/08: Alice in Housing Land
05/11/08: Mississippi Harbinger: GOP may have unanticipated worries
05/08/08: The audacity of hopelessness: Creative arguments keep Hillary running
05/04/08: The Truman Transformation: An odd legacy
04/29/08: A Pastor at Center Stage ... And a Parishioner With Questions to Answer
04/27/08: In the name of political hygiene
04/24/08: Education Lessons We Left Behind
04/20/08: The bad news is the world isn't going to end
04/15/08: Candidate on a High Horse
04/13/08: Horrors of a "Crisis"
04/08/08: Mark Penn's Transgression
04/06/08: McCain's Housing Restraint
04/03/08: The Mogul Who Bet On Vegas
03/30/08: An 8-Letter Word for the Ultimate Sport
03/27/08: Mugged by data: Research reveals who the truly compassionate are
03/23/08: Bargain Basement Judiciary
03/20/08: Dance Police at The Saloon
03/16/08: A return of booster socialism
03/13/08: Running-Mate Math
03/09/08: Is there a cure for Cuba?
03/06/08: In Cuba, ignorance in amber
02/29/08: A life athwart history
02/27/08: McCain in a glass house
02/24/08: The running mate McCain needs
02/21/08: She's Come Undone: Playing the "Fair" Card
02/17/08: Questions for John McCain
02/14/08: Howlers, Whoops And Miracles: Which Party Is More Strange?
02/10/08: The road to a GOP minority
02/08/08: Dems GOP's not-so-secret weapon?
02/07/08: Dems Living Dangerously
02/03/08: Investors We Need Not Fear
01/28/08: Staying the coarse
01/27/08: Fairness on the ballot
01/22/08: Change? Each party will likely wind up offering its oldest and most familiar candidate
01/18/08: Fact-Checking McCain's Straight-Talk
01/17/08: Hillary's misadventures in the racial minefield
01/13/08: A GOP Numbers Crunch
01/10/08: Did NH and Iowa launch a marathon?
01/06/08: Iowa's Histrionic Hucksters
01/03/08: Mr. Ways and Means: Charlie Rangel, Closet Reaganite?
12/30/07: Misreading Obama's Identity
12/27/07: Lovin' it all over
12/23/07: The gift of doing very little
12/20/07: A Richard Nixon revival infects both parties
12/16/07: The New Entitlement
12/11/07: Paralyze The FEC? Splendid.
12/09/07: The soft bigotry of a bad law
12/06/07: Fighting history in Harlem
12/02/07: None of the below
11/29/07: Guess who is fomenting racial disharmony in paradise?

11/25/07: Knowing when to say no
11/22/07: Congress' wealth of hypocrisy
11/18/07: Setting the bar for corruption
11/15/07: Front-runners who can still be tackled
11/13/07: Curveball, swing and a miss
11/08/07: Another Mob Hit: "American Gangster'"bests "The Godfather"
11/05/07: Congress' Unused War Powers
11/01/07: Giving Progressives a bad worse name
10/29/07: Abortion's "So-What" factor
10/25/07: The $114.69 Speech Police
10/22/07: Line-item foolishness
10/17/07: The unforgotten man
10/15/07: Code of Coercion
10/11/07: A Lexus in every garage
10/08/07: GOPers still holding key cards
10/03/07: This economist is a masochist with a sense of humor
09/30/07: Questions for Obama
09/26/07: Sauce for the Times
09/24/07: Marines in search of a mission
09/20/07: Questions for Mukasey
09/13/07: A Rocky Rollout For Thompson
09/12/07: A war still seeking a mission
09/10/07: Letting soldiers do the thinking
09/06/07: The Edsel was an important debacle
09/02/07: When war was the answer
08/30/07: Ethic of work has vanished in France
08/27/07: What French prez won't change
08/23/07: What September Won't Settle
08/20/07: Diamond-hard integrity
08/16/07: Folly and the Fed
08/13/07: Obama has some explaining to do
07/19/07: Author of His Own Undoing
07/16/07: Antioch - Laughable, but not funny
07/12/07: The Farmer to Fix Farm Policy
07/09/07: Declaration of Dependence
07/05/07: The high court restores the promise of Brown v. Board of Education
07/02/07: Quandaries 4 Justices
06/28/07: Setback for the censors
06/25/07: When marriage became a "hate crime"
06/20/07: Dues and Don'ts
06/18/07: An Iraq Caucus of One
06/13/07: Harry Reid's sham
06/11/07: Dems' prosperity problem
06/07/07: Another "mob" afflicting Newark
06/04/07: GOP: Stepping back to move ahead?
05/31/07: Conservatives, liberals and reality
05/28/07: Cabs and Cupidity
05/24/07: A bill that earned its doubters
05/21/07: Can Sarkozy save France from the French?
05/17/07: Government gouges you at the pump
05/13/07: A bustling hate-crime industry
05/10/07: The World Bank's rationale is bankrupt
05/07/07: Aaron's true "record" more than HRs
05/03/07: The Road to a GOP House
04/30/07: When the skies filled with dust
04/26/07: Real change in China?
04/23/07: Tommy Thompson's Gamble
04/18/07: Drinking Age Paradox
04/16/07: Taking a bat to prejudice
04/12/07: Fuzzy climate math
04/08/07: Fred Thompson's idea of "reform"
04/05/07: The real reason for "soaring" gas prices
04/02/07: The return of that '70s thing
03/29/07: The Seat Congress Can't Offer
03/26/07: Anger is all the rage
03/21/07: Wallpapering with red tape
03/19/07: A shot in the arm for the GOP
03/15/07: Why this primary push?
03/12/07: Fighting the real gridlock
03/08/07: Three good options for the Right
03/05/07: Tripping Over the Inevitable: The Coming Backlash Against the Clintons
02/27/07: Unions want to gag free speech at work
02/26/07: Iwo Jima's lesson in empathy
02/22/07: A lack of courage in their convictions
02/19/07: Political markets in action
02/15/07: Niche marketing: Duncan Hunter's long-shot conservative bid
02/12/07: Big-goverment conservatism is Ronald Reagan's legacy
02/08/07: Chicago sheds assets in hopes of gaining residents
02/05/07: Coaching players for life
02/01/07: A tide for school choice
01/29/07: Getting their fair share without paying
01/25/07: An airline that isn't bankrupt
01/22/07: The equality engineer
01/18/07: Boeing's winning hand
01/15/07: President Bush - and his Iraq critics - need a miracle
01/10/07: A UAW card no longer means that life cannot be hard
01/08/07: Iraq is Vietnam - and Stalingrad
01/04/07: Federal minimum wage unneeded
01/02/07: A retreat on rationing free speech?
12/28/06: Ford was a political sedative for a nation with jangled nerves
12/25/06: Ford tries to outrace the repo man
12/21/06: You are "Person of the Year"? Get serious
12/18/06: GOP contenders on a tightrope
12/14/06: Run Now, Obama
12/07/06: Report Overtaken by Reality
12/04/06: If only Iraq had - were capable of - a normal civil war
12/04/06: Clueless In Seattle
11/30/06: The Webb conveys the message of a boor
11/27/06: The Decade Of Buying Happily
11/22/06: Reconsidering the Thanksgiving myths
11/20/06: A mayor with too much candor to be president
11/16/06: Reversal of 9th Circuit decisions never ends
11/10/06: Inoculated for exuberance?
11/09/06: A loss's silver lining
11/06/06: Keeping score on Tuesday
11/01/06: Allen's Fumbles, Romney's Gain
10/30/06: Who needs to "help" America vote?
10/24/06: Time to rethink the place of high-stakes football in higher education?
10/23/06: Questions to guide an exit policy
10/19/06: Prosperity amid the gloom
10/15/06: Baseball's Real "Golden Age"
10/12/06: Dangerous momentum to a recurring simple-mindedness squelche
10/05/06: What Goeth Before the Fall
10/03/06: The leaders we have
10/01/06: Education's moving target
09/28/06: Checkout for an undemocratic checkoff
09/25/06: A fight to define equality
09/22/06: "A Dissident of Islam"
09/18/06: Blue America, in more ways than one
09/14/06: Dems Vs. Wal-Mart
09/11/06: What 9/11 Didn't Change
09/07/06: Japan's wrenching choices
09/05/06: A warrior's warning on Iraq
08/31/06: Acrimony in the Show-Me State
08/28/06: Unbind Japan's military
08/24/06: The Legacy of Japan's "Lion Heart"
08/21/06: The Uneasy Sleep of Japan's Dead
08/15/06: The Triumph of Unrealism
07/24/06: Hope vs. Reality
07/18/06: Transformation's toll
07/17/06: Santorum's race for his political life
07/13/06: A mother's love, clarified
07/10/06: Interstate Ribbons of Progress
07/04/06: Freedom unleashed is America
07/03/06: Campaign finance reform is now the very disease it sought to cure
06/29/06: Campaign finance reform is now the very disease it sought to cure
06/26/06: Gone With The Wind, Indeed
06/22/06: New Jersey GOP hopes the son will rise
06/19/06: For the GOP, short-term gain vs. long-term pain
06/15/06: Iraq's atomization
06/12/06: Warming to a candidacy?
06/07/06: False sense of security thwarts containment of AIDS epidemic
06/06/06: Speech, free of judicial oversight
06/01/06: Between a Rock and "Reform"
05/28/06: For McCain, a Surplus of Irony
05/25/06: A vote for English
05/22/06: Lessons for libs
05/18/06: Who isn't a "values vote"?
05/15/06: Politics without passion
05/11/06: McCain's actions undercut the Constitution
05/08/06: Civic Duty: Go See "United 93"
05/04/06: Condescensional wisdom
05/01/06: This Marine just won't back down
04/27/06: Replacing "Duke" not so easy
04/24/06: Water warriors
04/20/06: One hot House race
04/17/06: Attacking the First Amendment, GOP disgraces conservatism
04/12/06: If Washington wants to see the future of America's welfare state, study Detroit
04/10/06: McCain's media unmasking
04/06/06: "Straight Talk" Test For 2006
04/03/06: Let cooler heads prevail: The media heat up over global warming
03/30/06: Guard the borders - and face facts, too
03/27/06: Dems getting boost from GOP
03/23/06: "Uniform" foolishness
03/20/06: Bleakness in Baghdad
03/16/06: The vexing qualities of a veto
03/13/06: The Shame Of Bonds
03/08/06: Professors of Pretense: Justice John Roberts gives elites a needed lesson in constitutional law
03/06/06: Attack on free speech is real issue
03/02/06: Attack on free speech is real issue
02/27/06: Attack on free speech is real issue
02/23/06: Smile if (and only if) you're conservative
02/20/06: GOP's harbinger: Black candidates alter the landscape
02/16/06: No checks, many imbalances
02/13/06: The Senate's Dr. No
02/09/06: Who can restart Michigan's engine?
02/02/06: Keeping watch over a conservative base
01/31/06: The State Of Our Cynicism
01/30/06: Hoop schemes
01/26/06: Hammering away: Tom DeLay is direct, uncomplicated - and unrepentant
01/23/06: Hoop schemes
01/19/06: Shoplifting as governance
01/16/06: Government as trough: What it might take to clean up Washington
01/10/06: Leadership: When Darwinian stirrings replace moral epiphanies
01/09/06: Hot tubs and cold moralizing
01/05/06: Chief among the silliness
12/29/05: Searching for Labor's Role

12/25/05: Churchill's momentous visit

12/20/05: Why Didn't He Ask Congress? Bush assumes too much executive power

12/15/05: Fake Drilling Debate: Collectively Hiding Behind ANWR

12/14/05: The poet who took on LBJ
12/12/05: "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hypocrisy
12/08/05: Inalienable Right to a Remote
12/05/05: Windfall for the dimwitted
12/01/05: The abortion argument we missed
11/28/05: Small cuts, big ideas
11/25/05: A journalist for the ages
11/21/05: Rudeness rewarded
11/17/05: Grand Old Spenders
11/14/05: Senator on the Left
11/10/05: Reddest state's rebellion against Bush
11/07/05: Corzine & corruption
11/01/05: Let the Great Debate begin
10/27/05: Master of Minimalism
10/24/05: Supreme cynicism
10/21/05: GM rolling out of its welfare state
10/20/05: The price of optimism
10/13/05: UNESCO cultural protectionists’ plan doesn’t play well with U.S. ambassador
10/11/05: The Next American Quake
10/10/05: The GOP's Border Guard
Oct. XX/05: Can This Nomination Be Justified?
10/03/05: Budget cuts: GOP fetish?
09/26/05: Sen. Feinstein's sensitivity sweepstakes
09/26/05: Justice Supreme
09/22/05: Ahnold's drifting audience
09/16/05: Striking against irrelevancy
09/13/05: A poverty of thought
09/08/05: Some Questions For the Nominee
09/07/05: An "Activist" Justice
09/05/05: Roberts should be questioning Schumer
09/01/05: The uses of "activism"
08/29/05: Seriously, don't feed the animals
08/25/05: Flirtations with fanaticism could prove costly to Dems in 2008
08/22/05: Foreign-Policy Follies
08/18/05: Minor leagues, major dreams
08/15/05: Sense From the Hall of Framers
08/11/05: Carter continues lying about me
08/08/05: Motown blues
08/04/05: Casual cynicism that nowadays passes for political realism
07/08/05: The man Bush should nominate to replace O'Connor
07/07/05: Warming up to hit hard
07/04/05: A Timely Reminder in "1776"
06/28/05: High Court hairsplitting
06/24/05: Damaging "deference"
06/23/05: Is embarrassment the right lever to use?
06/20/05: Emmett Till and a Legacy of Grace
06/16/05: Drug warrior
06/13/05: Cartoon carping
06/08/05: Judging this Court
06/06/05: Flying zombies
05/30/05: The Maltese Turkey
05/30/05: Senate slapstick
05/26/05: Just say "non"?
05/23/05: A taste of things to come in High Court wine ruling?
05/19/05: History, Hubris - And Harvard
05/16/05: Pension time bomb
05/12/05: Paul Wolfowitz: A realist - really
05/09/05: Social Security As Welfare
05/05/05: The Christian complex
05/02/05: Dr. GM
04/28/05: Tactics vs. ideology
04/26/05: The Media Meltdown
04/21/05: Have a nice day, or else
04/18/05: Beyond belief
04/14/05: Eugenics by abortion: Is perfection an entitlement?
04/11/05: Tormenting Educrats
04/05/05: The Old Ballgame Still Has Its Grip
04/03/05: A celebrant of freedom
03/31/05: The Tax Plan To Kill K Street
03/28/05: America's back yard
03/24/05: Nevada's Big Test
03/21/05: Why Filibusters Should Be Allowed
03/15/05: A Committee on Steroids
03/14/05: Brutal negatives
03/10/05: Almost everything designated a "civil rights" problem isn't
03/07/05: Wrong on All Counts
03/03/05: Cut Buster Loose
02/28/05: A City That Bets on Water
02/24/05: Fight for the corners
02/21/05: Illinois's Ambitious Governor
02/18/05: Both sides have bones to pick with Bush's budget
02/14/05: Sclerosis Meets the Terminator
02/10/05: Ahnuld's eternal revolution
02/07/05: A Taxing Challenge
02/02/05: Defiance to Dream About
01/31/05: Public policy participates in the building of character
01/27/05: Harvard hysterics
01/24/05: Measuring Frost's bite
01/20/05: Social Security: Opportunity, Not a Crisis
01/17/05: The perils of bad promises
01/13/05: No ad left behind
01/10/05: Let's not count on projections
01/06/05: The mind that changed the world
01/03/05: How prez might disentangle two big issues
12/30/04: Unchanged by welfare reform
12/23/04: New novel is world's first page-turner that people will want to read in one gulp despite graphs and footnotes
12/20/04: A Dem who wins
12/13/04: A GOPer's Mass. appeal
12/13/04: Redefining liberalism
12/08/04: A stain on baseball
12/01/04: Greenspan for reformer in chief
11/30/04: Putinism On the March
11/29/04: Campus conformists
11/25/04: Thankful for the Settlers
11/22/04: The South rises with the tide
11/17/04: What to Ask the Nominee
11/12/04: What Hinges on Fallujah
11/09/04: How Not To Win Red America
11/04/04: America's shifting reality
11/02/04: Election Night sound and fury
11/01/04: More smoke than ire
10/28/04: More smoke than ire
10/25/04: Voter fraud keeps getting easier
10/21/04: Voters' obligations
10/15/04: Libs, lawyers, and a choice
10/14/04: Bringing out the big guns
10/13/04: Why Dems fear Bush's domestic agenda
10/11/04: Why America Leans Right
10/04/04: Could the presidential race turn on a tax increase in Ohio?
09/27/04: Seizing property to broaden tax base
09/27/04: The Iran dilemma
09/22/04: Dubious dreams about Iraq
09/20/04: Capitol Plague: Why Kerry suffers from Senate politics
09/09/04: Kerry is allowing Bush to have what he wants
09/07/04: 25 Years of the Sporting Life
09/02/04: Goldwater would be proud
08/31/04: Contemptuous collaboration
08/30/04: Holocaust in a suitcase
08/26/04: Heavenly searching
08/23/04: Campaign cops and car ads
08/19/04: Wherein lies sovereignty?
08/16/04: Meet the most important official you've never heard of
08/12/04: Soothing our suspicions
08/09/04: The man "President Kerry" would need
08/05/04: Questions for Kerry
07/30/04: Courting 'the People': To Cross Ideological Blocs, Kerry Says Little
07/29/04: Despite bitter battles, GOP and Dems govern similarly
07/26/04: If it's 2000 all over, Bush loses even if he wins
07/22/04: Closing the book on literature
07/19/04: Charity should begin in Congress
07/15/04: In Calif., power by plebiscite
07/12/04: Turkey Trap for Kerry
07/08/04: The Left, at a loss in Kansas
06/14/04: Oil: How bad do you want it?
06/08/04: Critical mass for Kerry
06/07/04: An optimist's legacy
06/03/04: An industry ready for takeoff?
06/01/04: Politics and prose In Iraq
05/28/04: Mr. Madison's War
05/24/04: Princeton's progressive spoiler
05/21/04: A dash of comma sense
05/17/04: In 1954, a change of heart
05/11/04: No flinching from the facts
05/10/04: Kinder, gentler we're not
05/05/04: Time for Bush to see the realities of Iraq
05/03/04: Agonizing choices
04/30/04: Get to elections - fast
04/26/04: This 11-year-old can teach others a lot about life
04/22/04: Blue tinges in Arizona
04/19/04: Mideast Realism: Why the prez backed Sharon
04/14/04: Winning the 'Three-Block War'
04/09/04: Stirring government sludge
04/08/04: A War President's Job
04/05/04: Our resilient pastime
03/30/04: Clarke's book will quickly be forgotten
03/26/04: Change in South Carolina
03/25/04: Transmitting civilization
03/22/04: Riding through gangland
03/16/04: Bombs, ballots and nation-building
03/15/04: A radical approach to a Big City's schools
03/11/04: A genuine "Education President"
03/08/04: Events beyond control
03/04/04: Entitlement of Silence
03/01/04: The GOP's Latina Weapon
02/25/04: Rendering politics speechless
02/23/04: The Left's Anti-Semitic Chic
02/19/04: How to kill jobs
02/17/04: Excuse me, Sen. Kerry, care to answer these questions?
02/12/04: Sweet And Sour Subsidies
02/09/04: For Bush, it's game time
02/05/04: Southern fried illusions
02/02/04: Freedom vs. Equality
01/29/04: The Politics of Manliness
01/26/04: No Left Turn
01/21/04: How the Iowans wised up to Dean
01/19/04: The Terminator and Ms. Fixit Get to Work
01/15/04: The Capital Of Desire
01/12/04: Afflicted By Comfort
01/08/04: Sorry, Charlie
01/04/04: Reflecting on Rubinomics
01/02/04: The year before the year reality sets in
12/29/03: The New Wallace?
12/26/03: Washington, Source of A Nation
12/17/03: The Flight of the Century
12/16/03: Lessons From Nuremberg
12/15/03: Democracy under siege
12/11/03: Questions For the Contenders
12/08/03: The Dean of Shallow Thought
12/04/03: Blame the Puritans
12/01/03: Culture and What Courts Can't Do
11/27/03: Shopping for A Day of Thanks
11/24/03: Candor and Campaign Finance
11/20/03: A Man in a Hurry - 1963
11/17/03: Irony And Steel
11/13/03: Dean: Opting Out . . .
11/10/03: Hues and Humanity
11/06/03: Democratic Pickup Lines
11/03/03: Too good to win
10/30/03: Reason and Death
10/27/03: An Economy of Aesthetics
10/23/03: A Defense Secretary Undeterred
10/20/03: Riding High in Colorado
10/15/03: Anglicans' undoing
10/13/03: Don't count on oil spoils
10/09/03: A conservative travesty
10/05/03: Fascism, Alive and Abroad
10/02/03: Can't they just admit it?
09/29/03: True progress
09/25/03: A cure for Nevada's growing pains
09/22/03: Scientists Examine Faith-Based Biology
09/18/03: A Cure for California
09/15/03: The other Choice War
09/11/03: Lieberman Looks Ahead
09/08/03: Iraqi Democratic Vistas
09/04/03: Dim and Dimmer in California
09/02/03: Not like Ike
08/27/03: Getting Iraqis to Take Over
08/25/03: A Victorian View of Iraq
08/12/03: Recall and Ruin
08/11/03: The 'Sick' Right
08/07/03: The Venting Party
08/04/03: Political thugs
07/31/03: Sanctify sin?
07/28/03: A Botched Constitution
07/24/03: A Questionable Kind Of Conservatism
06/27/03: Lap dancing on the Constitution
06/24/03: Crude remedy for a disappearing problem
06/23/03: The Bush Doctrine at risk
06/19/03: The contours of the political landscape are becoming increasingly inhospitable to Dems
06/14/03: Journalism's Gentleman Giant
06/13/03: Dem Kingmaker's '04 Handicaps
06/09/03: Train In vain?
06/05/03: Baseball Uncorked
05/30/03: George W's tax cut victory
05/23/03: "Big Tobacco " suits going up in smoke
05/22/03: When Krakatoa Blew
05/19/03: Edwards' down home dilemma
05/15/03: How a no-name GOP pol could affect next year's presidential drama
05/09/03: 1,600 Pages of Confusion
05/07/03: Field of Dreamers
05/05/03: What Minority?
05/01/03:Antidote to Historical Amnesia
04/28/03: Black GOP hopes
04/25/03: Wanted in Iraq: A Few Good Founders
04/22/03: License to legislate
04/21/03: Airlines' perfect storm
04/14/03: Burning to regulate expression
04/11/03: Europe's decline
04/07/03: Homeland worriers
04/02/03:A tough, irreverent journalist: Remembering the sharp wit of Michael Kelly
04/02/03: Rush to judgment in the fog of war
03/27/03: A Beautiful Mind: Pat Moynihan, R.I.P.
03/26/03: Conservatism's Moment of Truth
03/21/03: The dash to Baghdad
03/19/03: Addressing the naysayers
03/13/03: U.N. absurdity
03/11/03: California is stewing in its own juices
03/07/03: The glory that is France
03/04/03: A place for temporary appeasement
03/03/03: Using shame to reform education
02/27/03: Senate Dems are trying to amend the Constitution themselves: Will prez show sufficient seriousness about the oath he swore to defend it?
02/24/03 Europe's Monomania
02/20/03: Shrinking the U.N.
02/18/03: Delta Breaks Into Song
02/12/03: A Big and Bold 2004
02/10/03: FBI finally says goodbye to the 1950s
02/06/03: Disregarding the Deniers
02/03/03: Luck and leadership
01/30/03: Enough said about inspections
01/27/03: A quiz for U. Mich
01/23/03: Holdovers From the '60s
01/21/03: Unhealable wounds
01/16/03: From George Babbitt to Warren Schmidt
01/13/03: This Democrat candidate who out-hawks Bush
01/08/03: The 'stimulus' as psychotherapy
01/06/03: The public's right not to know
01/02/03: Happy (Pestilent) New Year
12/30/02: "Why Is There So Little Money In U.S. Politics?"
12/26/02: History's cultural comeback
12/23/02: Cheap enough for government work
12/17/02: Apologies are not enough
12/16/02: A retrospective on disarmament
12/12/02: Free agent for favorite sons
12/09/02: 'Creative Destruction'
12/05/02: Signs of 2004 in South Carolina
12/02/02: McCain- Feingold at the High Court: The First Amendment on Trial
11/25/02: Dems woes aren't ending
11/21/02: Gore is back, breathing fire and revising history
11/18/02: Not to the White House born
11/14/02: Pelosi to oversee liberal dementia
11/11/02: A bigot's law
11/07/02: Close, but in Control
11/01/02: 20,000 rollicking mourners
10/29/02: Fowl cries from the U.N.
10/28/02: Life, and death, in an abortion culture
10/24/02: Will it soon be the '70s in Noo Yawk again?
10/21/02: Liberal until liberalism threatens something dear
10/17/02: In politics, a picture can be worth a thousand explanations
10/14/02: Gore and Dems can't duck security issues
10/10/02: He is not a little ray of sunshine
10/04/02: The Dems' Torricellian Twist
10/02/02: The world is too good for America
09/30/02: Tort law turns into extortion
09/26/02: A cigarette-free world
09/23/02: Land where many fell may fall to developers
09/19/02: Stuck to the U.N. Tar Baby
09/17/02: Delay = Disaster
09/11/02: The Great Refutation
09/09/02: Lessons of 9/11 -- and 12/7
09/05/02: Can He Douse the 'Torch'?
09/03/02: Wonderment in the stars
08/29/02: Improvised war etiquette
08/26/02: Teaching 9/11 lies
08/23/02: Skeptics and Sketchy War Plans
08/19/02: Adventure In Paradise
08/15/02: A Mideast Specter: Modernity
08/12/02: Suicide squeeze
08/09/02: Declare war first
07/15/02: Celebrating an Intellectual Dynamo
07/10/02: A court for chaos
07/08/02: Our greatest hitter ever
07/04/02: The indispensable American
07/01/02: Implacable Enemies of Choice
06/27/02: Bush's Plan Clear-sighted, Doable
06/24/02: Liberal assaults on free speech
06/21/02: Genocide as Art
06/17/02: Jerry Brown's urban practicalities
06/14/02: Along Via Ferlinghetti, the Beat Goes On
06/10/02: The AIDS Fear Factor
06/07/02: Armed (and Trusted)
06/03/02: The Law vs. Good Sense
05/30/02: Armed (and dangerous) pilots
05/28/02: Civil-rights realist
05/23/02: The right 9/11 probe
05/20/02: Feminism hijacked
05/16/02: Sham concern for corruption
05/13/02: In Vegas politics, all bets are off
05/10/02: Always a bumpy ride
05/06/02: 'The Great Black Hope
05/02/02: 'Final Solution,' Phase 2
04/29/02: A Tale of Two Lawsuits
04/25/02: Conservatives should be quite pleased
04/22/02: Playing with energy
04/18/02: GM's Car Guy, in overdrive
04/15/02: The price of protectionism
04/11/02: When 'nuance' excuses terror
04/10/02: Winner-Take-Some
04/08/02: Dark? "Oklahoma!" Critics Don't Know America
04/05/02: War and Then a Wall
04/01/02: 'Reforming' Free Speech
03/27/02: Unhelpful amnesia
03/25/02: NASA and the effort to understand Creation
03/18/02: The Klan's black candidate
03/13/02: Onward and upward
03/11/02: NYTimes/WashPost guilty of corruption?
03/07/02: Bush less principled than Clinton?
03/04/02: For this Iraqi, the glass is half-full
02/28/02: Supersize menace
02/25/02: The Fresh-Face Factor
02/21/02: Correcting the scandalous consequences of 'campaign finance reform'
02/19/02: Choice is indeed the American way
02/14/02: Scandal of the volunteers
02/11/02: Lieberman's Present-Tense Non-Candidacy
02/07/02: Is the threat of germ warfare good for America?
02/04/02: Magical Monarchy
02/01/02: Keep watching Gephardt
01/28/02: Muddy Waters and Control of the Senate
01/24/02: About those voters who were denied their 'rights' … the rest of the story
01/18/02: The Arrogance of the Executives
01/16/02: It's time Bush showed anger over Enron
01/14/02: "Fairness" Daschleized
01/10/02: Sharpton eyes the prize
01/07/02: Can't fix education until we fix families
01/03/02: Supreme speech police
12/31/01: Europe's suicide?
12/27/01: Gen. Sherman's Advice
12/24/01: Our national memory loss
12/20/01: Realistic readiness
12/17/01: (Un)civil(ized) rights enforcers
12/13/01: Liberals Left out in the cold
12/10/01: Conservatives owe 1960s activists
12/05/01: A Plan for Arafat
12/03/01: The truth about our economic 'woes'
11/30/01: The Dems' $oft $ellout
11/28/01: Trials and terrorists
11/26/01: Powell's Intrusion
11/19/01: Needed: A confidence infusion
11/15/01: Harry Potter author deserves every penny she makes
11/12/01: Will events outside politics are harbingers of a new unpredictability, even adventurousness?
11/09/01: Inmates and proud parents
11/05/01: Armed against terrorism
10/29/01: Hope and Skepticism
10/26/01: Affinity for Afghans
10/22/01: The Greening of New York
10/18/01: A 'Niagara of ideas' fights distractions to voters
10/15/01: A Different FBI?
10/11/01: War without precedent
10/08/01: Another unthinkable scenario
10/05/01: No better time to laugh than now
10/01/01: Getting serious about our solutions
09/28/01: Cool heads or cold feet?
09/24/01: Battle hymn portent
09/20/01: War without catharsis
09/14/01: A Strike at the Pillars
09/12/01: The end of our holiday from history
09/10/01: The edge of a moral sleuth
09/07/01: Tories at the Continental Divide
09/05/01: In Britain, a Buckley vs. a McCain
08/30/01: Standards, anyone?
08/27/01: The Price of Quiet
08/23/01: Keystroke criminals
08/17/01: A War And Then A Wall
08/15/01: American politics has been profoundly changed
08/09/01: Bad rap on college sports
08/09/01: Justice 'under the law' at the Hague
08/06/01: The diplomacy of high-minded gesture
08/02/01: 600 Million Complainers
07/30/01: The Puzzling Case of a Dirty Diarist
07/27/01: When a fetus is a patient
07/02/01: Holden Caulfield -- American Whiner
06/28/01: Where Faith Gets the Job Done
06/25/01: Honoring John Adams and Family
06/21/01: Pathetic Americans and the morons who watch them
06/18/01: Not too strict to apply justice
06/15/01: Ireland's stand for freedom
06/11/01: Restoring the heat to British politics
06/08/01: Lethal reticence
06/04/01: The work of compassionate courts never ends
06/01/01: The Politics of Personal Obstruction
05/29/01: Complexities of patriotism
05/25/01: With almost erotic heat
05/21/01: Conservatism By the Numbers: Looking Up
05/17/01: Guilty by reason of revision
05/14/01: A Man of Papal Quality
05/11/01: What Is a 'Working' Weapon
05/07/01: 'Consumer Cadets'
05/04/01: Diamonds and Roses
04/30/01: Bush's modest conservatism suits presidency very well
04/23/01: What Would Reagan Say?
04/23/01: Causation can work ...
04/19/01: Exposing the 'myth' of racial profiling
04/16/01: The costs of moral exhibitionism
04/13/01: Liberalism: The thrill of being startled by the unanticipated?
04/10/01: Enduring Arthur Miller: Oh, the Humanities!
04/06/01: Reading China
03/30/01: The Senate's Comic Opera
03/26/01: A second decade of economic trouble?
03/22/01: McCainism, the McCarthyism of today's "progressives"
03/19/01: Skirting what the First Amendment says
03/16/01: The SAT's thankless task
03/12/01: Fending Off the Speech Police
03/08/01: Democrat turnabout?
03/05/01: Let us hope not!
03/01/01: Duck! Our racial and ethnic spoils system is spinning out of control
02/26/01: Common Sense and the Constitution
02/22/01: Brooklyn's Artsy Dodgers
02/20/01: Whose surplus is it, anyway?
02/16/01: A truly inclusive holiday
02/12/01: Within the realm of Bush's tax cut
02/08/01: A season spoiled
02/05/01: Keeping faith behind initiatives
02/01/01: Tall order for a few federal dollars
01/29/01: You ain't seen nothin' yet
01/26/01: 'Art' Unburdened by Excellence
01/22/01: The monkey that could mean the end
01/19/01: The real enemy in the drug war
01/15/01: Congress just isn't big enough
01/12/01: Clinton's mark
01/08/01: All that is jazz
01/04/01: Bush's picks reveal Right attitude
01/02/01: Prosperity in perspective
12/28/00: Soft landing in a spoiled nation
12/26/00: When laws replace common sense
12/21/00: Beware the 'Bipartisanship'
12/18/00: ... A Brief Moment
12/13/00: Judicial activism on trial
12/11/00: Truth optional
12/06/00: A Chastened Court
12/01/00: Counting on some slippery language
11/28/00: Florida's rogue court
11/27/00: This willful court
11/22/00: Ferocity gap
11/17/00: Slow-motion larceny
11/13/00: Gore, Hungry for Power
11/09/00: No, the System Worked
11/06/00: The case for Bush
11/03/00: The Framers' Electoral wisdom
10/30/00: Political astronomy
10/27/00: Candidates condescending
10/23/00: No Partners For Peace
10/20/00: Talking peace with thugs
10/11/00: A feast of retreats
10/10/00: .. And what's gotten into the Danes?
10/05/00: The Agony of Debate
10/02/00: Senate Canvas
09/28/00: Milosevic: Not Another Saddam
09/25/00: Blaming the Voters
09/22/00: Saying No to the Euro
09/18/00: Farewell, Mr. Moynihan
09/14/00: When 'Choice' Rules
09/12/00: Colombia Illusions
09/08/00: Will He Spend It All?
09/04/00: Back in the U.S.S.R.
08/31/00: Stonewalling School Reform
08/28/00: Uphill for a California Republican
08/24/00: Sauerkraut Ice Cream
08/21/00: The Partial-Birth Censors
08/18/00: A Party to Prosperity
08/14/00: The National Scold on the Stump
08/10/00: The Thinking Person's Choice
08/07/00: The GOP of Powell And Rice
08/03/00: Panic in the Gore Camp
07/27/00: . . . Both Radical and Reassuring
07/06/00: Harry Potter: A Wizard's Return
07/03/00: Recalling the Revolution
06/29/00: An Act of Judicial Infamy
06/26/00: Life, Liberty and ... the Pursuit of Foxes
06/21/00: Fumble on Prayer
06/19/00: The unified field theory of culture
06/15/00: Schools Beset by Lawyers And Shrinks
06/12/00: Missile Defense Charade
06/07/00: The Grandparent Dissent
06/05/00: Liberal Condescension
06/01/00: Great Awakenings
05/30/00: Suddenly Social Security
05/25/00: Forget Values, Let's Talk Virtues
05/22/00: AlGore the Hysteric
05/15/00: Majestic Avenue
05/11/00: Just How Irrational Is the Exuberance?
05/08/00: Home-Run Glut
05/04/00: A Lesson Plan for Gore
05/01/00: The Hijacking of the Primaries
04/28/00: The Raid in Little Havana
04/24/00: Tinkering Again
04/17/00: A Judgment Against Hate
04/13/00: Tech- Stock Joy Ride
04/10/00: What the bobos are buying
04/06/00: A must-read horror book
04/03/00: 'Improving' the Bill of Rights
03/30/00: Sleaze, The Sequel
03/27/00: How new 'rights' will destroy freedom
03/23/00: Death and the Liveliest Writing
03/20/00: Powell is Dubyah's best bet
03/16/00: Free to Be Politically Intense
03/13/00: Runnin', Gunnin' and Gambling
03/09/00: And Now Back to Republican Business
03/06/00: As the Clock Runs Out on Bradley
03/02/00: Island of Equal Protection
02/28/00: . . . The Right Response
02/24/00: Federal Swelling
02/22/00: Greenspan Tweaks
02/17/00: Crucial Carolina (and Montana and . . .)
02/10/00: McCain's Distortions
02/10/00: The Disciplining of Austria
02/07/00: Free to Speak, Free to Give
02/02/00: Conservatives in a Changing Market
01/31/00: America's true unity day
01/27/00: For the Voter Who Can't Be Bothered
01/25/00: The FBI and the golden age of child pornography
01/20/00: Scruples and Science
01/18/00: Bradley: Better for What Ails Us
01/13/00: O'Brian Rules the Waves
01/10/00: Patron of the boom
01/06/00: In Cactus Jack's Footsteps
01/03/00: The long year
12/31/99: A Stark Perspective On a Radical Century
12/20/99: Soldiers' Snapshots of the Hell They Created
12/16/99: Star-Crossed Banner
12/13/99: Hubert Humphrey Wannabe
12/09/99: Stupidity in Seattle
12/06/99: Bradley's most important vote
12/03/99: Boys will be boys --- or you can always drug 'em
12/01/99: Confidence in the Gore Camp
11/29/99: Busing's End
11/22/99: When We Enjoyed Politics
11/18/99: Ever the Global Gloomster
11/15/99: The Politics of Sanctimony
11/10/99: Risks of Restraining
11/08/99: Willie Brown Besieged
11/04/99: One-House Town
11/01/99: Crack and Cant
10/28/99: Tax Break for the Yachting Class
10/25/99: Ready for The Big Leagues?
10/21/99: Where honor and responsibility still exist
10/18/99: Is Free Speech Only for the Media?
10/14/99: A Beguiling Amateur
10/11/99: Money in Politics: Where's the Problem?
10/08/99: Soft Thinking On Soft Money

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