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Sam Schulman Archives

10/14/05: Conservatives can teach even Jews about ingratitude
07/07/05: Jewish Dems: Last Chance to Save Your Party
06/07/05: Letís congratulate the national peoples of Europe for their courage
10/25/04: For Kerry, ‘Multilateralism’ is Yiddish for ‘Au revoir, Israel’
09/19/03: I Second Uri Dan --- Try Arafat for Murder
04/09/03: Vichy America: Not anti-American --- just pro-fascist
03/06/03: The peace movement of the 1930s made the Holocaust inevitable --- by accident; The peace movement of Today wants no more accidents: Just the death of Jews
02/12/02: 'Politics of meaning' guru confronts reality --- and is Left a pariah
12/30/02: This 'man of letters' never met a terrorist cause he didn't respect
11/20/02: Americans for Death. Yours.
11/05/02: Will Jewish votes for Dems speed the mainstreaming of anti-Semitic voices?
09/19/02: Joe Biden was Right
01/22/01: Goldhagen to Christianity: Whatever You're Doing, Stop It!
01/09/02: The European Union - Sad for Europeans, Harmful to Jewry, and First in the Hearts of The Forward
12/24/01: Mayor Daley to Chicagoans: "Trust me. You're Better Off Dead"
10/11/01: Mickey Kaus goes soft
09/13/01: "Politics of meaning" guru does it again --- and in Public!
07/25/01: Boom, Bust, Male Pain
06/19/01: The Forward steps up to defend American Reform's insult to Israel in crisis
03/05/01: The Forward connives at Clinton's smear
02/21/01: Loving the Unabomber
11/20/00: Joe Lieberman's gift to the Jews
11/07/00: The Clinton Legacy: A world in flames
10/23/00: Can't anybody around here kill Jews?
10/13/00: Bill to Ehud: "Hey, man, we tried! Now drop dead"
08/14/00: Not Quite the Jewish JFK
07/25/00: Out, Israel! The Holocaust is Coming to Get You!
06/20/00: Derrida-t.Com
05/18/00: Some Reparations Money is Better Left on the Table
05/02/00: David Irving's Mirror for the Jews
04/11/00: Gay Marriage: Fin de ligne
01/28/00: The Myth of the Myth of the Holocaust
01/11/00: Did Six Million Die for This?
01/04/00: How I Made Conservatism Fashionable in Time for the 21st Century
12/22/99: Chicago, Say "OK, You Baptists, Come 'n' Git Us!"
12/16/99: Rejoice and kvell, though your heart is breaking
12/02/99: Love one another and die
11/24/99: Thank You, Universe
11/19/99: Now Playing: The Bloody Sneak-Preview of "World Government"
11/12/99: The un-Holocaust
11/03/99: The inside story of my Internet success
10/27/99: Lotto, the Recession, and You
10/12/99: Madeleine Genuflects at Lenin's Tomb
10/12/99: Governor Bush, are you now or have you ever been a card-carrying Blockbuster member?
09/29/99: What's so bad about G-d?
09/21/99: My Real-life "Fight Club": Violence Mistaken for Vengeance
09/15/99: Fictional "Masterminds of Crime" are No Patch on Real Horrors
09/08/99: Good-bye to the Gumshoe
08/31/99: On Growing Up to Be President
08/25/99: The bleeding heartlessness of "animal rights"
08/17/99: Watch Out, Humanity! Here Comes Human Rights
08/12/99: Sam Spade, Hillary, and the Limits of Friendship
08/03/99: Snobbery for dummies
07/27/99: Money? Too Much Isn't Good Enough for Me
07/21/99: Hillary's Faithless
07/13/99: Let's you and him make peace
07/07/99: Maynard G. Krebs is Alive but a Senior Citizen
06/29/99: Games people don't play
06/23/99: Kosovo Reckoning
06/15/99: A bet on our kids' future
06/08/99: Suddenly Samuel Berger
06/02/99: If Hitchens is not for Podhoretz, than whom shall he be for?
05/25/99: Kosovo's History Lessons
05/18/99: Faintheart
05/11/99: Is Literary Success Overrated?
05/04/99: A Better War
04/27/99: A Sahibs' War
04/21/99: The Two Bills
04/13/99: The Imp and the Ingenue
04/05/99: Col. Blimp is Alive ... and in Washington

©1999, Sam Schulman